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    The Victory Motorcycle Club's 2020 National Meet in the hills of East Tennesse. VMC 2020 National Meet Info
  2. Hey . By request, I'm starting a thread for people who are seeking a hotel roommate at the Johnson City Holiday Inn Convention Center for the 2020 National Meet. Post up if you're looking for a roommate.
  3. MamaT and I are registered! This will be our 2nd National Meet, the first one being Colorado. We are looking forward to hooking up with old friends, like Tom from KC, and new ones!
  4. Hey Dennis, Have you replaced the fuel filter inside the tank, yet? At 80k, I guess that I would do that while it's off the bike.
  5. How could a guy not like something that smells like fish?!?
  6. Sorry, folks, but you're gonna have to put up with about 10 of us Minnesotans for the weekend. Keep an eye on your women and beer. Very excited. 10-days until we leave. We will be putting around Southern Colorado for a few days before the meet. Got a house book a mile from the hotel. Then heading to Wyo and Montana after. Anyone want me to bring them some lutefisk?
  7. It's 2 bolts, inside the lid. Extremely easy.
  8. 1.) Some friends on XCs recently did Pikes Peaks and numereous other Colorado passes. They're both from an area of approximately 800ft above sea level elevation. Both reported high idle speeds (1.5-2k) at some higher elevations in Colorado. Re-starting the bike seemed to clear out the ECM elevation mode, occasionally this clearing would come back in the same operation session. 2.) Have you checked the main ground to the frame? 3.) Any ODBII codes? You can usually borrow a ODBII reader from an autoparts store, or buy one for $50-100 Personally, I'm afraid your ECM is smoked.
  9. Those parts seldom actually fail. However, the connectors can get corroded. While in Arkansas, we had a similar issue on a friends bile. While we couldn't actually see the corrosion be looking inside the connector, after exposing the pins by seperating them from the plus housing; it was clear that they were corroded. Simple cleaning the connectors and the bike is running and charging fine. I did impale my regulator on the Vegas once, broke it in half about 2 years ago. That replacement regulator only cost me about $110.
  10. There was a guy in Iowa I met named Dennis, who had a Victory cruise control on his Vegas. I believe it was an '03 or '04 Vegas. It installed where the California bikes catalytic converter installed (left side, rear of the battery box). He said the wiring was quite involved and required his dealer and even his dealer had to escalate for additional technical assistance. I think the part ran around $500. Not sure what the install labor ran. He was very happy with the results.
  11. Sorry, but I gotta brag. '04 Vegas with at least 85k miles on it. Still on the original battery. I live in Minnesota, where it gets COOOLD, never a battery tender on it. I know I got lucky and will have to replace it soon.
  12. [[ Does this sound like a simple belt adjustment, or does it sound like the mis-aligned axle damaged the belt itself. ]] Correct me if I'm wrong, but... Adjusting the belt and aligning the axle are pretty much the same thing, in my world. I've had an occasional belt chirp for the last 40,000 miles. I believe it was originally caused by a rock chip that went through the front pully. Those front pulleys are pretty expensive! I've spent many hours trying to find the perfect alignment, as well as several friends I trust and rely on. No luck and still get chipring when the belt is wet. As it only chirps when it gets wet and the belt shown no unusual wear on either end, I just live with it. ... and avoid rain whenever possible. :?
  13. To mount the front: - Elevate the bike, - Pry the brake pads apart (1/2 - 3/4 of an inch), - Grease the axel and spacer with all purpose grease, - Place the spacers in line with the wheel - short spacer on the right side, long spacer on the left (rotor) side, - Slip the wheel under the fender, and thread the rotor between the brake pads, - Slide the exel through the right fork leg, right spacer, wheel, left spacer and left fork leg. You may have to twist and tap the axel, - Thread the axel retaining bolt (cap screw) into the left side of the axel (14mm) to 35 ft/lbs - Tighten the lower fork pinch bolts left side first to 18 ft/lbs - Re-tighten the left fork pinch bolt again, - Lower the bike, and bounce the bike a few times, - Tighten the right fork pinch bolt to 18 ft/lbs. Retighten and torque again.
  14. Kev - can you run the Hydraulic Kit with the EZ Clutch?
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