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  1. I need the part number for the 2 into 1 performance exhaust - 2008 Kingpin. My muffler has a dent in it and I can't find a replacement. My dealer claims they can't find the part number or order a replacement muffler. Thanks.
  2. ....to this thread? I just read all the threads for the 2012 meet. No page with dates, times, events, vendors, etc. Maybe missed it. Anyone give us a page/post with this info?
  3. I had a similar problem on my 08 KP a few weeks ago. Engine light came on while riding then the battery went dead. Put a new battery in and made it to the dealer. He reset the code and that didn't work. Turned out to be the regulator was going out and overcharging my battery. Problem solved....so far.
  4. Just read the comment on the EBC pads. The Lyndalls also make a buzzing sound when the brakes are applied. Excellent brakes for my Vegas. When I need brakes for the JP I'm getting Lyndalls again.
  5. Tough Leather - Sent you an email with a couple questions. Your help would really be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  6. Anyone have a set of install instructions for these pipes squirreled away somewhere? Bought a new set from Dennis Kirk that came with no paperwork. Probably be an easy install if they fit.
  7. 06 JP with Stage One - Just bought a set of Sideburners for my JP. Is a fuel controller necessary or is the Stage One map going to be okay? Thanks.
  8. I bought a pair of used T-bars for my JP and I don't have the bolts that secure the bars to the triple tree. Anyone know the Vic part number or the exact size of the bolts needed? Or better yet, anyone have a set of spare bolts they would be willing to send me? Thanks in advance
  9. Anyone have to use Cycleops" emergency cable repair kit? How did it work out? Last Friday I broke the Barnett clutch cable on my Vegas at the hand lever @ 10,000 miles. Major pain. Had to be towed and drive 100 mile round trip for a cable. Last year broke one on my Kingpin@ 9500 miles........in a rural area. Fortunately there was enough cable that I could clamp it to the transmission lever with needle nose vice grips.
  10. I just installed a direct fit Dakota Digital on my 08 Kingpin. Overall I really like it. Once you install it, you can replace the existing lights on the triple tree with a chrome accessory from Vic.....if you can find it. One dealer said the part was discontinued. Looks great. Simple installation. I like the gear indicator but you can't watch a trip meter at the same time. (I use the trip meter to know when to get gas). The tach is actually useless since it is just a graph that goes up and down with no numbers or red line. I will install one on my 04 Vegas if I can find a new one cheap.
  11. Thanks for the response. The pipes are in a Vic box and that was the number on the label. The only other number was 95-8828VB
  12. Found a set of new Vic black swept pipes at an auction but no one knew which bike they fit. Old part numbers don't seem to come up on the Vic website anymore. Can anyone tell me which bikes these pipes fit? Part # 1261858 Thanks in advance
  13. For anyone who installed the "plug and play" direct fit digital speedometer...........how difficult was it? Run into any unusual problems? Dakota Digital's brief description makes it sound simple. www.dakotadigital.com/index.cfm?ptype=results&Category_ID=375&home_id=60&mode=cat&cat375.htm Thanks
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