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  1. No worries brother, life comes first. I know you will get through this shit.
  2. When it gets this cold sometimes I think of moving somewhere warm, then I just man up and go ride anyway lol
  3. Im not a huge fan of that perticular design, but I would be very interested in a custom designed 3D wedge in the near future.
  4. If I wasn't a thousand miles away Id be there lol Keep up the great work and make lots of cool new stuff do I can keep shoveling you money!
  5. This may be off topic but how the hell does a seahorse breathe fire if its underwater?!
  6. Just got my awesome new keys! Thanks brother these things are huge, I was expecting like a dinky monopoly piece on the end of a key lol Great stuff!
  7. Sorry for taking a million years to post this, but shortly after I got them mounted I got taken out buy a little old lady in a mercedes lol.
  8. Yea sorry man, my bike is stacked in my garage along with 5 of my friends bikes like tetris pieces lol But They look great in person, the purple is subtle but still stands out.
  9. Damn those look nice, maybe now she will finally stop busting my balls every day asking about them :tu
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