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  1. I talked to Kevin about this and we "agreed" that "throwing the election under the bus" wouldn't be productive at this point. Moving forward and setting systems in place in preparation for future meetings/elections/bylaw amendments is the thing to concentrate on now.
  2. I believe it is up to US. the committee, to do the re-write. Might want to check with Kevin as to his understanding as to what the committee's direction IS... he constituted the committee and he'll have to let us know what our "orders" are. As far as getting "others" to join, if we as the committee deem it prudent and appropriate to seek "outside" resources, then by all means.
  3. Only voting members... and, we need to get this Associate member class straightened out... within that class there are voting and non-voting members, etc., etc. And "where" the meeting is to take place. How would it be possible to get all those LC members logged on to one computer? Hopefully, it would "track" and "record" their "presence" at the meeting, for future reference and verification... we'll need the "numbers."
  4. Well, John I don't completely agree. If you read the entire paragraph that you linked to, it does paint a slightly different story... " Your bylaws belong to your group, and only your group can decide what they mean. Sure, a parliamentarian can help you understand the technical meaning of a phrase or a section here and there. But when you come across something ambiguous (meaning that there's more than one way to reasonably interpret something), then the question remains to be answered by your organization by a majority vote at a meeting. " It is not up to "us" to DECIDE anything... it's up to "your organization by a majority vote at a meeting." I know you are somehow attempting to "get around" what you feel is problematic with "majority votes" and "quorums" and such, but just because something is "problematic" doesn't mean we have to look for "loop holes" in order to continue to "conduct business." We need to fix all this... not look for "ways out."... in my opinion.
  5. All good, John. I am "troubled" about our Associate member class as it applies to voting privileges. Seems there is a class within a class there when it comes to voting. Bylaws quoted as follows: 1.03 Associate: Any family member(s) of a documented full member, dedicated to the purposes of this organization, shall be eligible for an "Associate Membership". Associate members aged 18+ have all voting privileges except the right to vote to amend either the Bylaws or Articles of Incorporation of this Corporation, and the right to vote to terminate the membership of a member.l How do we "track" and "record" this membership's class as it concerns voting... some can vote (18+ years of age) and some can't, and some only in certain types of voting. Seems almost impossible to exactly determine through our system "who's on first," etc., etc. On another note, could your website enhancement "project" also include the displaying of the class of membership as part of the member's signature. In other words, when I see what type of member someone is, e.g. Veteran, Elite Member, etc., it would also be beneficial to see their class of membership, e.g., Full member, Associate member, Sponsor Member, etc.
  6. Of course the next question is, can we have a list that has only voting members on it, so we can see the "interest" of those who are entitled to vote? Or can we at least get an educated guess as to who many of those 1,625 are voting members only.
  7. Good morning Ann and All, Ann, if it is deemed at all appropriate can we get a copy of the Point of Order I raised in the clubhouse to the attorney?... not to consider the point of order, but to comment and give a legal opinion on the issue(s) raised in the point of order. I think with such an opinion, we can move forward on those issue(s). Thanks, Burl
  8. If this isn't deja vu all over again, I don't know what is. All of the reading in this discussion forum is quite enlightening. If you want to get the "short version," just read through the "Stopping the Bylaws vote" thread. It seems the board either intentionally or just passively let this whole issue of bylaw revision, compliance with Delaware law, club meetings, quorum, voting, etc. DIE without any positive action. I admit to being a "newbee" board member when all this went down and didn't feel it was my sole job to poke and prod others into action and in truth, I'm not sure I would have been "equipped" at that point in time to have made a real difference. Things ARE different today ;-)
  9. Time to arrange for "overfolow" accommodations?
  10. Rick, I know it would be a pain in the ass... but you might want to take the time and make the effort to put your message in every regional forum and every LC forum. There are people out there in comas and also who are navigationaly challenged when it comes to the forums. I'm just sayin'...
  11. Hey Bob, I would recommend http://www.eastsidecannery.com/ I have stayed there a number of times... nice, contemporary property, decent room rates, and definitely off the strip. Burl
  12. This may help... A person stopped for an immigration check in Arizona is presumed to be lawfully in the U.S. if the person has an Arizona driver’s license or nonoperating i.d. license, a tribal i.d., or an i.d. from the federal government or another state or local government if the other government “requires proof of legal presence in the United States before issuance.” Any U.S. citizen with a driver’s license from a state that does not require proof of citizenship or immigration status would be at risk unless they obtained and carried a passport when in Arizona.
  13. Here's a little teaser as to what you're in store for... it's quite the "little whole in the ground."
  14. Got back into Vegas on Thursday evening... lots (and I do mean LOTS) of wind on the last leg from Salt Lake City down to Vegas. TigerLily and Pappion arrived safely back in the Bay Area on Friday afternoon. They had rain and wind to contend with, but made it "home" safely.
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