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  1. Bob did have us hooked up!!!!! And I have it all captured on the GoPro.... Thanks Bob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Spring weather was not cooperating to ride.....so figured why not pull off the levers and send them to Jon for some Powder and Machining......man am I glad that I did!!!!!! Beautiful work Jon!!!!!
  3. My thoughts and prayers are with you Bro!!!! Just like many on here...I too went through the hell of it all. Like said before....I too signed up for the counseling because I was blaming myself for shit that wasn't me....and I needed that for my own healing. Today, my kids come to me because they're having the issues with their mother that I had in marriage....and now at their current ages, I can openly discuss what I tried to "protect" them from while they were growing. Hold on to the love of those beautiful girls of yours.....and you will be all right. And like Brian said above....you've got a lot of our numbers.....and we're only a speed dial away!!!!
  4. Ann, We have a group of 4-5 bikes from our Chapter that are planning to go to Sturgis following National.....but they don't get on here that much...and none of them have responded above.
  5. I think it's going to look great!!!!!!
  6. Do these work on the XR/XC/HB? They don't show up as an option on the website....(or at least I haven't found the thread to get to them)
  7. That one looks like the side cover of the engine....you going to offer minature 3D Inserts for it too????
  8. One more week until Rally Time!!!! There are a few shirts/pins still available if you've waited to register!!!!!! :chpr :chpr :chpr
  9. If you are coming to the Freedom Rally and like camping.....the Snake River Victory Riders from Boise will be staying at the Challis Hot springs and campground, they have a large area reserved and a special price for us of $10 a night for tents and $32 a night for an RV. Just mention the Snake River Victory Riders to get that price. Here is the link http://www.challishotsprings.com/ If you want a room....only a few are left at the main Hotel....
  10. Information will also be available on the Wasatch Victory Riders Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/WasatchVictoryRiders We hope to see alot of VMC members there!!!!!!!!!
  11. Jon, Tonight we held our Wasatch Victory Riders Local Chapter meeting....and I just have to say thank you for the support you are to The VMC and our local chapter. Your assistance to our chapter is immeasurable!!! Having stand up guys like yourself, is what makes this club what it is!!!! All of our members went home with information on your products and services....and it is my expectation that you will be hearing from most of them. Its pretty exciting for a brand new chapter to not have had a single group ride yet.....and have 5 new members sign up tonight....and 4 other new Victory owners take information home on The VMC and your products because of the information they learned just from the meeting. Simply awesome......and again, thank you!!!!!!! Randy :tu :tu :tu :tu :tu
  12. Jon, Any chance of a "slip over" cover for like Ness did for the Diamond bands? Then we wouldn't need replacement arms on the bikes that the toe piece is part of the cast arm. They look amazing!!!! Hopefully a flame design is in work???
  13. Yep...they look great...and still stop the bike!!!!! :tu :tu :tu (Just need to get rid of those fugly gray bolts on that front caliper....chrome ones to come)
  14. As usual...pictures do not do these any justice. Thanks Will for putting the Candy Apple Blue Powder on my calipers!!!! They are sweet......and in the with the Evil 7 wheels, they reflect off everything. And matches the insert I got from you very well.
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