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  1. Victory for Vets "Sunset Ride" When: Saturday June 16th, 2012 Registration starts at 5PM KSU at 7PM Where: Ride starts at Twin Specialties 1911 Sego Ct. Raleigh, NC Ride ends at Rally Point Sports Bar, N. Harrison Ave. Cary, NC Food & Drink Specials for all registered participants Live Music, Raffle prizes and 50/50 Cost: $20 per rider / $15 per passenger All proceeds to benefit "Operation Coming Home" (www.operationcominghome.com) Brought to you by the Triangle Victory Riders (TVR) and the Triangle Veterans Association (TVA) Contact rgstardust@yahoo.com or ofcd44@yahoo.com for questions http://trianglevictoryriders.webs.com/
  2. V4V was Great! Thanks to all TVR Members who were able to be involved...everyone one of you made a difference! We raised $4000 for "Operation Coming Home" and had a blast doing it! Proud to be a TVR Member! Vince - Chapter President
  3. Today is the Day! V4V is looking good...we are expecting a great turnout and lots of fun! Any VMC members able to join us, please let us know you're coming or at least come on over and introduce your self and we'll take good care of ya! Ride Safe!
  4. Victory for Vets "Sunset Ride" (Raleigh, NC) When: July 23rd, 2011 Registration starts at 7PM KSU at 9PM Where: Ride starts at Locked and Loaded, 1125 US Highway 70 W, Garner Food discounts for all registered participants Ride ends at Rally Point Sports Bar, Cary Free Hot Dogs for all registered participants Live Music Raffle prizes and 50/50 Cost: $20 per rider / $15 per passenger All proceeds to benefit "Operation Coming Home" (www.operationcominghome.com) Brought to you by the Triangle Victory Riders (TVR) and the Triangle Real Estate and Contractor Veterans (TREACV) Contact rgstardust@yahoo.com or ofcd44@yahoo.com for questions :chpr :usa
  5. TVR Charity Ride Recap OK...Where do I begin?!?! THANK YOU...To all TVR Members, Wives and friends who helped us make this Charity Ride a Huge Success! And of course to all the Riders who participated in the Ride itself! Special THANK YOU to Dean Oey for everything you did both up front and behind the scenes to pull this thing off! You went above and beyond the call for this one! Special THANK YOU to our Friend Mike Hill...Mike did so much to make sure we had the food, pumpkins and that everything that needed to be cooked & prepped was completed and on time and then returned everything that needed to go back when it was all over. Mike's not a Member of TVR but he sure acts like it...except for the Harley thing! LOL...Thanks Mike for everything! Special THANK YOU to Angie and Josie for everything you both did with buying, decorating and setting up at the Home! You two are Awesome!! Big Thanks to Alan and Jeff for the ride route...great route guys! Everyone really loved it. And thanks Alan for all the leadership as Ride Captain! This Thanking thing could go on all day...Thanks to everyone who put any kind of effort into this event!! We could not have done it without all of you that showed up and assisted in some way! One more Big Thank You to Joe at Twin Specialties and all the people at Locked & Loaded for making us feel comfortable and at home with their service, kindness and donations! Well...The day started early. We started arriving at 9:00am and the set up began. Everything went smooth with lots of help from lots of people (Way to go Johnny with the tables and odds & ends). Once we were set, Bikes started rolling in right at 10:00am. The day itself really shaped up weather wise. We could not have asked for a better day...Sunny and about 70 degrees! (Thank You God!) After Registration ended, we had about 64 riders ready to go! A short meeting got everyone up to speed on what to expect and then Dean conducted the 50/50 Raffle...we gave away some money, an autographed Hurricanes Hockey Stick and a really nice Home Alarm System (Thanks Johnny)! The Bikes then pulled out of the lot with the sun shinning and every one excited to be on their way. There were absolutely no problems along the way and everyone arrived safely in Oxford. The local Sheriff's Office out there assisted with an escort into Town and then into the Home. After we arrived, we had a chance to meet the Kids from both Homes and then it was time to eat. The food was excellent and everything looked great with the pavilion all decorated and burgers and hot dogs cooking on the grill and all the tasty barbecue, slaw, potatoes and chicken spread out to make everyone hungry! After lunch, the kids got to have fun with the Official Harvest Pinata, Pumpkin decorating, facility tour, some general running around and even a little football toss going on in the field. Riders were able to just hang out and enjoy the day or get involved as they wished. Finally everything wrapped up with Dean telling his famous ghost stories in the fitness center...complete with Halloween decorations, blacked out windows and scary music to set the tone. The kids loved it! Way to go Dean, Angie and Josie! That was a wonderful Finale!! After that, we all went home, changed out of our costumes and returned to Locked & Loaded for the "After Party"! Those who came out to the After Party had a wonderful time. We had half price appetizers and discounted drinks for all Charity Ride Participants. I haven't laughed so much in a long time...we even found the energy to do our last raffle of the event. Some really nice door prizes were handed out which made the evening that much more fun. Locked and Loaded booked a wonderful female singer/musician to get the party rolling...she and her partner were wonderful! Way To Go TVR!! We were able to raise enough money to... give both homes everything they asked for (Gift cards, Candy, Decorations), feed everyone that attended with enough food left over to send both Homes away with plenty extra, supply the Children's Home enough candy to have their own Halloween/Harvest celebration on the 31st (way to go Mike R and L&L for collecting so much of that wonderful stuff kids love) and pay off everything we needed to purchase for this event! You all made that possible!! This was only our second time doing a Charity Event like this...we learn a lot each year. After enjoying some time off of not planning, coordinating and contacting people, we may even start looking forward to next years Event! Did someone say "Event Coordinator Position" open...Ha Ha! Looking forward to seeing you all soon and don't forget to check out some of the Event Photo's... http://trianglevictoryriders.webs.com/ Ride Safe & God Bless! Vince - TVR Chapter President
  6. The Triangle Victory Riders Present...A Truly Haunting Experience! The First Oxford Orphanage Halloween Costume Ride and Pig Roast. Saturday October 16th Registration 10:00am - 11:55am Ride Start 12:00PM Sharp $20 Rider/$10 Passenger All profits to benefit the Oxford Orphanage Home for Children http://www.mhc-oxford.org/ This will be a Halloween Costume ride with all riders and passengers encouraged to come out in costume for the ride and event. Help us give the kids at the home a wonderful Halloween treat this year and a "Monster" of a party. The ride starts at Twin Specialties Custom Performance Motorcycles in Raleigh. 1911 Sego Ct. Raleigh, NC http://www.twinspecialtiesral.com/ Then a spooky one hour ride to the Orphanage in Oxford where we will surprise the kids with Costumes, Decorations, Candy and a Pig Roast Halloween Party with all the fix-ins! Guaranteed to be a Ghostly Good Time! For more Information: http://trianglevictoryriders.webs.com/ :vp
  7. On September 11th M&M Leather & Custom Cycle (Fayetteville, NC) is having an Open House and 9/11 Commemoration along with the Victory Demo Truck. The Triangle Victory Riders (TVR) Club will be meeting for breakfast at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant in Garner on Hwy 42 right at the Hwy 40 Intersection at 8:00am. We will leave for fayetteville at 9:00am to attend the Open House, 9/11 Commemoration and Demo Rides. Any and all motorcycle riders are welcome to join us...come check out the newest Victory Motorcycles and see what all the excitement is about. Any VMC members or clubs planning on attending, please contact us so we can meet up with you either at breakfast, on the road or at the event! See the M&M link for details... http://www.mmleather.com/ :usa :pty :chpr
  8. Members of the Triangle Victory Riders will be participating in this ride (weather permitting)...Please let us know if any other VMC chapter members or Victory Owners will be attending so we can hook up with you. What: Special Olympics Blizzard Ride When: Sunday, February 28, 2010 10:00 AM Where: Backyard Bistro 1235 Hurricane Alley Way Raleigh, NC 27607 919-851-6203 Motorcycle Ride to Benefit NC Special Olympics Hosted by the Raleigh Police Department Sunday, February 28th, 2010 Registration: 10:00am - Noon Single Rider: $35 / Double Rider: $50 Cost includes Long Sleeve T-Shirt & Meal Location: Backyard Bistro, 1235 Hurricane Alley Way, Raleigh, NC
  9. OK...My local Victory shop, Twin Specialties of Raleigh, contacted Victory about this and found out that this is normal for 07 and later models. Older headlights had both bulbs on in high beam...newer models were changed over to only one headlight bulb on at a time to cut down on heat buildup and wearing of the inside wires.
  10. I have a 2007 Vegas...When I turn my High Beam on the Low Beam bulb goes out and only the High Beam bulb stays on. I noticed other Victory's both bulbs stay on when in High Beam. Can anyone advise? What is normal for Vics?
  11. Our "Kids2Kamp" Ride is shaping up nice! Everything seems to be coming together and we are expecting a good turnout. Any VMC members or chapters that are planning on attending please let us know in advance so we can plan on meeting you and/or helping you out in any way we can. If you would like to assist us let us know that too...We could sure use the help! :ao
  12. May 16th - Raleigh, NC - "Kids2Kamp" Benefit Ride with all proceeds going to the "Victory Junction Gang Camp" http://www.victoryjunction.org/aa_home/index.html. $15 (+ $10 passenger) Registration at Twin Specialties 1911 Sego Ct. Raleigh, NC from 8:00am - 10:00am. Two hour ride (w/ break stops) starts at 10:05am and ends at approximately 12:30pm with a cookout/party at Cleveland Draft House 6101 NC Hwy 42 West, Garner. Prize Giveaways. For more information http://trianglevictoryriders.webs.com/ :wcm :chpr :beer
  13. A few of us from Raleigh (TVR) attended the Saturday show...No Victory's! What's with that? We need to make sure that changes for next year! It was great to see Victory represented though. The VMC Chapter from the Charlotte area had a table set up selling Raffle Ticket to support the "Victory Junction Gang Camp". Way to go guys!! They informed us that EasyRider donated the table and space...That awesome! Thanks to the people at EasyRider!
  14. http://www.easyridersevents.com/ :chpr
  15. I know this is put on by HD but, the Triangle Victory Riders (TVR) will be rolling in on both days of the event looking for fellow Vic owners to hook up with and to make a strong show for Victory Motorcycles! If any Victory riders or VMC Members are planning on going to this event please make contact with us! We would love to meet ya and get in a ride together. The event takes place on Friday & Saturday - September 26th & 27th http://capitalcitybikefest.com/ :ao
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