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  1. Witchdoctors and Rusty Jones will be there.
  2. Just got a room price of $280 per night. They said they are all sold out of rooms. Anybody know of anything any different? Sorry but I'm not paying that. I need 2-3 rooms .
  3. Stop by Volusia Motorsports and look us up. I'll buy you a shot of Crown!
  4. Stoggy I'm leaving the medicine wagon at home!
  5. We will also be set up at Volusia so stop and say Hi.
  6. Its right at the turnpike exit. Hampton Inn. Look next to it and you should see a big tent set up. Thats where people will be tomorrow.
  7. Tom, Thank you for all your efforts in putting the event together. Although the weather didn't completely cooperate it was still an awesome time. We got to put screen names to actual people and spent a lot of time talking to folks about what new products they would like to see for 2013. The "roundtable" at dinner was also much appreciated by myself and the other vendors to tell folks who and what we do. Thanks again to everyone who had a hand in organizing the 2012 Meet. :appl
  8. Thanks for all your hard work. The event was great!
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