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  1. Checking the list to see who has been naughty or nice.
  2. That's right! Cyber Monday sale. Free shipping on orders over $59.00 Does not include oversize or heavy items. US orders only Expires Midnight 11-30-15
  3. Update On Mark from his wife Tammy Hale We are heading home! We will get the pathology report within 10-14 days then off to Duke for appointments. Duke will be handling his chemotherapy and radiation treatments. He will Receive treatments here through a local oncology center with dukes orders. He is doing good today. Happy to be going home for some good rest! We want to take a minute to thank each and everyone of u for all the generosity and caring support yall gave us though this devastating time. Mark is a fighter and I will be right by his side fighting this with our entire army of supporters! I love u Mark Hale and we will win this battle! If you were one of the great folks who supported Mark by buying a T-Shirt We would like to say Thank You by offering you $20 off your next order and we will donate another $20 to Mark and his family. Also Great news- Whatever is donated to them Marks boss at Simplex Grinnell will match the amount so your $20 turns into $40!!
  4. Thanks guys so much for the support. Mark & Tammy do have a GoFund me account if you would like to donate. https://www.gofundme.com/pwb3gb9k A little background on the situation. On the16th mark was acting a little weird talking about people he didn't know. He then started complaining about a slight headache. His girlfriend at the time is a nurse so she knew something wasn't right. They went to the ER where they did a catscan and found out he has a massive brain tumor. On Wednesday they were going to do surgery to remove the tumor but informed everyone that the surgery would most likely "Change" Mark and we would never have him back again as we knew him. They also gave him a 30% chance of living through the surgery. Tammy and his family asked to postpone the surgery a day so that family and friends could come and see him first. Tammy and Mark were supposed to get married in April but on Wednesday Tammy and Mark went outside the hospital to more than 100 friends and got married. Talk about heart breaking. I flew down very early Thursday morning to see him. I was amazed that he seemed perfectly normal, joking around laughing etc. His attitude towards it all is simply amazing. He just says he's taking it one day at a time and it is what it is. One thing that was very sad was I told him about all the well wishes he was getting on the forums and on Facebook and asked if he had seen any of it. He responded that he cant read any more. Tammy also said he could not sign his name on the marriage certificate. Can you imagine !?!?! When we left him on Thursday night he was just really tired. There were more than 50 people in his room at one time and people kept coming all day long- the support for them was simply amazing! Thank you to everyone who came- it meant the world to them. On Friday morning he was a little confused but still in good spirits. They did another catscan and found that the tumor is fast growing and there is nothing they can do as far as surgery. The cancer is stage 4 and all throughout his brain. The fear now is that since the tumor is growing so fast and pushing on his brain that his brain stem will herniate and kill him. On Friday night they did surgery to take a biopsy to see exactly what type of cancer it is. I guess there are 2 types and you have to treat them differently, usually with chemotherapy. The hope is to just slow down the growth so it doesn't herniate and also slow it down to give him a little longer. The Dr said at the best case he would have about 18 months. Mark came through the surgery as well as can be expected and seems pretty normal although he has some more confusion at times. The Dr said the confusion will continue to get worse as the tumor grows. They are expecting to get the results back from the lab in 10-14 days. To me 10-14 days is absurd but the Dr said at this point there is no rush. I wanted to punch him in his face! (rant withheld)... So Today Monday the 22nd Mark should be coming home and will wait for the results to see what the next step is. Mark is 36 years old has 2 boys 16 &14 and a new wife. He is the nicest guy you would ever meet. Sometimes life isn't fair!
  5. Please show your support for Mark Hale if you can by purchasing a T-Shirt. 100% of the money will be given to Mark and his family. Please share with as many people as you can. Click HERE: http://buywitchdoctors.com/p/4569/victory-motorcycle-parts-products-featured-support-mark-hale-sc-36/
  6. Thanks to all our Military folks past, present and future.
  7. This is the second part to our buffing and polishing scratches video. _xPEssrsOA4
  8. Learn how to Sand, Buff & Polish scratches on your Victory motorcycle with this in depth video from Witchdoctors.com. jSjkuiFWyHM
  9. Glad you like it. Glad mama liked her Tootsie Rolls. I bet she laughed when she saw the bag! lol
  10. Name your price sale! http://buywitchdoctors.com/c/151/victory-motorcycle-parts-closeout-items-featured/
  11. I have seen people bolt a small piece of tubing to the bottom of the kickstand. Works but ugly as hell.
  12. I'd check to make sure the stock one isn't bent. When they bend they lean over more. That's the only thing I can suggest.
  13. We supply you with a spring type washer. When you use this is creates tension on the pegs so they stay up.
  14. If you have pegs now any of our replacement pegs will work. If you have floorboards now our pegs will not work. They will work on any Victory.
  15. Coupon code goldvog. Some stuff is discounted and some is not so you may or may not see a savings.
  16. Thanks for the order! Drink the brew after you install the lights not before. lol
  17. Sorry not sure on that one. I would check with Custom Dynamics as they specialize in that stuff.
  18. Hi, sorry we no longer offer those services.
  19. Running the wires is not that big of a deal. Just follow the other wires along the frame and zip tie to them. You should run the power to the battery. I think all the companies offer a wire kit for their horns and it might come with a relay. The switch wire just the into the stock horn wire. Send us the pics and when we get a chance we will put them up on the website.
  20. Thanks! I agree that finding a horn to fit the stock spot is next to impossible. The air horn really is pretty easy to do. The biggest part is the little air compressor thing. You can go to harbor freight and get one and play around with it to see how it fits where you like. Also all the parts stores sell them. Look up Bad Boy Air Horn.
  21. Sorry guys- I have not checked in here in a while. I'll take a look at what I can come up with. thanks for the video.
  22. Thanks for the post. Glad we could help out. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
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