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  1. Thought I would share a little album of photographs that I took from the Meet in Hunter, New York, the night of the Bike Rodeo. I hope everybody enjoyed their visit to my hometown! http://s455.photobucket.com/user/BearBaitNY/slideshow/VMC_National_Meet_July_2014?sort=4 Cordially, Christine (Woodswoman) .
  2. Wishing safe travels to all! See you on the Mountaintop. .
  3. I can't comment on the quality of Mountain Treasure B&B. Last time I was in there, I was 18, and it was operating as a bar. LOL! Nice ride over to it, but it's not in the same valley as Hunter. And there isn't much of anything around it, as far as amenities go. It's in a rural location. There are closer options. If you want suggestions, shoot me a PM and tell me what kind of place you have in mind, and what your budget may be. I don't wish to step on the Adirondack chapter's toes ... but I do live 6 miles from Hunter Mountain. .
  4. I'm sorry as well, Jim. Crummy timing of some demanding stuff going on at work means I can't sneak in a day off, and then the Tannersville Fire Department will be having its annual chicken BBQ on Saturday night, and my husband and I always work the event. He was elected president this year, and thus really has to be there. I'm sure you will have a wonderful rally. The Adirondack chapter has a lot going for it. .
  5. How do I cancel for this event, please? The web page say it's possible for another week or so, but doesn't say how to go about it. I'm running into scheduling conflicts left and right. Still aiming to stop in to say hello, since I live locally, but it's less and less likely either my husband or I will be able to make any of the dinners. Please advise. .
  6. I want to throw this open to my VMC brothers and sisters. My husband and I are organizing the 2011 Yankee Rally in New York's northern Catskill Mountains from July 7th through the 10th. This annual rally originates with the Volusia Riders, but ALL riders of ALL bikes are absolutely welcome. We definitely believe that it's no WHAT you ride, it's THAT you ride. We will be staying at the Catskill Mountain Lodge, 334 Route 32A, Palenville, New York 12463, www.catskillmtlodge.com, phone [518] 678-3101. The Catskill Mountain Lodge is a smallish (40-42 rooms available) establish
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