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  1. The whole AVR group did a great job organizing this years’ rally. Congrats and thanks for the memories! mike
  2. I was planning on doing my spring 5 day ride through the northeastern states in 2019 ....... looks like I need to rethink that plan! Looking forward to another great event next year! keep the updates coming. Mike
  3. I was looking forward to the Sleeping Bear ride ..... will have to rethink the options for 1 of my ride days Still lots of good options ... now to pick Mike
  4. Thanks 2_shoes. I am looking forward to it. I’ve travelled the area often in the cage; can’t wait to do it on the bike. Mike
  5. Newbie question ..... this will be my first rally. is there a signup requirement for the various rides? First come first served? Show up and go? Thanks and hope to see everyone there! Mike
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