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  1. Here is the link to the national meet: The VMC 2022 National Meet – Just Ride Dammit! Thursday, August 25 2022 1:00 PM - Sunday, August 28 2022 2:00 PM [EDT] 211, Mockingbird Lane, Johnson City, TN, 37604, United States 2022 VMC National Meet Book room by clicking here! Register by clicking here!
  2. Here are some pics of the seat Wil did for me. Great quality craftsmanship. When I have the money saved, I will have him redo my Chieftain seat as well.
  3. Fixed.
  4. until
    The Wonder Rally is on this weekend in Waiau North Canterbury 7/8/9 Jan 2022. The weather is looking good for this and it is the first rally of the year run by Plains Motorcycle Club.
  5. until
    Ride Info: http://route66bikeweek.com/
  6. until
    Link for info and sign-up: https://mayheminfo.com/
  7. @Llama Mark lets re-hash this since I have been given authority to make these decisions. Lets figure out the best place to set this up. Thanks,
  8. I am not sure I understand the closed minded comment. It seems that you think someone is purposefully, or making a decision to not, promote the club. This is just not the case, unless I am missing something. Whose responsibility is it to promote the club? If you say "the board", then who specifically on the board has the responsibility of promoting the club? Really the answer is "all of us members", at least historically, as far as I can tell. We do have a marketing committee vacancy that has been vacant my entire time I have been a part of this club. You are right about one thing. We do need to change and evolve, or slowly die. I wish it was as easy as a snap of fingers to make changes. We are working on things. Sometimes not fast enough and it is frustrating. I hope these changes come soon. Based on comments here and elsewhere, folks like me will need to step up and take control, rather than wait for other members to get involve, even thought I don't have the time to commit. Because I want to see this club thrive. I see a whole lot of accusations, but not a lot of volunteering. It is strange to me, that you create this topic, which starts with making a very valid observation, but ends with accusations (towards Llama, the tone there is there are not any online biker stations because you and your friends have not heard of any) and the slant towards close-minded members. Please see @Reverend Beavis for the information you private messaged me for. I am convinced you will only use the information to further try to divide this club, and I will not be a part of that. Please send your request to him.
  9. Can't you use the "ok google" and then "take a picture" command? If you have voice control turned on? Which android are you using?
  10. This is a good idea. The good news is we are working on this. I do not have a lot of details to share at the moment, but updating content across all social media platforms is something we need to work on. For the short term, we should get whomever is posting photos here, to also post on our facebook page, that would be great. or get with @Reverend Beavis (I think he admins the FB page?). But any member can post the pictures. Currently it takes us, the members, to post about the club on social media. An area that needs some streamlining and improvement through no individual fault. As I said we are working on this. The short answer is yes it is an opportunity. Thanks for bringing this into the spotlight.
  11. until
    **Sorry for the late post. Bike Week in Laconia is on!! LACONIA 2021 Celebrating 98 years of riding legacy in 2021 with YOU because it’s been you, our riders, who have made Laconia Motorcycle Week® the World-Class Rally it is today! If you can only choose one National Rally to attend in 2021 – choose the one you have to ride the furthest to! And if riding is your pleasure then we hope you’ll be joining us for Laconia Motorcycle Week® in 2021 because In Laconia… We Ride®! Although our legacy as the World’s Oldest Motorcycle Rally® is because our gypsy tour began in 1916, our legacy continues because of our unmatched scenic riding throughout the beautiful State of New Hampshire. Residents and businesses alike, welcome motorcyclists during the Rally every year in June. With the 2nd largest demographic of motorcycle riders in the country and host to the oldest Rally in the country, NH opens its doors to motorcycle enthusiasts all year long! For inside information, be sure to follow us on FaceBook and Twitter. Join us as we countdown to 100 during this year's 98th Anniversary of Laconia Motorcycle Week®: June 12-20, 2021! https://www.laconiamcweek.com/
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