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  1. Great news everyone: summer is in full swing and August is right around the corner, and with that we are just a few weeks away from the Shine On East Tennessee Backroads 2020 VMC National Rally in Johnson City, Tennessee!!! We have been working hard on our rides, our events, our swag & t-shirts AND our plans to ensure each and every one of you have an enjoyable time while you visit with us in East Tennessee!!! If you would like to see more information pertaining to our event or to register and make reservations, just follow the link below: https://eventsthevmcnationalmeet2020.wor
  2. Thank you so much for your positive support and encouragement. If we DO have to postpone until next year, we look forward to seeing you. If everything moves forward this year as we have originally planned, then maybe our paths will cross at another event somewhere in the future. Wishing you the very best, my friend, and again, thank you! TILL THE WHEELS FALL OFF! Craig
  3. .Thank you all so much for the positive responses and the well-wishers for our event. Also, thank you, XC Bubba, for the quote from Ballad Health. We are keeping a close watch on the numbers and will make adjustments/change plans accordingly if things continue to develop in a drastic, negative fashion. The closest "hot spot" currently is Hamblen County, which is about 1.5 hours from Johnson City. A few of the counties in the region have seen an increase, but the numbers are not overwhelming. At least six of the counties around Washington County, where much of the riding will take place, are i
  4. First, let me say "thank you" for your interest in attending the upcoming Shine On East Tennessee Backroads 2020 VMC National Rally. Secondly, we can appreciate your concerns pertaining to the safety of the attendees based on what you have seen concerning the Covid-19 numbers in the state of Tennessee. That being said, let me assure you that the safety, health and well-being of all of our attendees, organizers, hotel staff and all associated vendors, sponsors and hosts are definitely a top priority for us concerning Covid-19. We have kept a constant eye on the Covid-19 numbers prov
  5. Alright Vic Nation, the early registration deadline is FAST approaching for the Shine On East Tennessee Backroads 2020 VMC National Rally being held August 27-30 in historic & picturesque Johnson City, Tennessee! Yes, things are still moving forward; the final preparations are being made; and yes, at this time we are STILL looking forward to sharing a wonderful time with our fellow Victory riders from all over! However, as I mentioned before, if you want to take advantage of early registration discounts for the event, you need to click on the link below and register by July 2, 2020! After
  6. We hope the same, my friend! We want as many loyal Vic riders to join us in our lovely mountains as possible! Keeping our fingers crossed for you!
  7. Hello everyone and welcome...welcome to Summer 2020! Although the first "official" day of summer isn't until June 20, for most of us the weather is getting much warmer and motorcycle riding is ramping up and getting into full swing. Also, things seem to be getting back to "normal" as most states are beginning to move forward and open up restaurants, businesses and attractions as we head into the summer months. This is great news for ALL of YOU as WE continue to make exciting plans for the Shine On East Tennessee Backroads VMC National Rally being held this year in Johnson City, Tennessee!
  8. FANTASTIC! Looking forward to meeting you folks! We hope you truly enjoy our East Tennessee playground, and we look forward to meeting you! Craig Stapleton
  9. Whoooops! My bad!!! Kinda hard to tell when the picture is so tiny on my phone! Lol. My sincerest apologies! Love the color of the bike, but I am kinda partial!
  10. Even though times are kinda crazy and so many things seem uncertain from day to day, we just want you to be certain of one thing: we are still making plans and working on the Shine On East Tennessee Backroads 2020 VMC National Meet to be held in August in Johnson City, Tennessee! Rides are being planned and mapped out; evening events and festivities are being scheduled; and a great time is expected with new and old friends! Please check our Facebook page @ TN Victory Rally and the website, https://eventsthevmcnationalmeet2020.wordpress.com/, for periodical updates and additional information as
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