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  1. Was planning to ride from Indiana next Wednesday but Ortho doctor said no way because of torn ACL😔. So is it all right to fly out and enjoy the fun!!!
  2. I am planning on riding from Central Indiana area. Riding to Kansas City,Ks. from there to Flager,Co. from there to Albuquerque,NM. from there into Las Vegas😊. Taking 4 days to get there. Leaving Wednesday the 1st of Sept. Looks like on average about 480 miles a day give or take.
  3. Is anybody from the Indiana,Illnois,Ohio area riding out to the VMC meet in LasVegas? I live in central Indiana and going to ride out to the meet. I plan on a 4 day trip out there and taking my time coming back. Let me know if this sounds like something anyone would like to do! Kenny
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