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2014 V2V Important information. MUST READ

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A message from your V2V Co-chairs.
   We are very excited to announce that "Victory Motorcycles" will be joining "The Victory Motorcycle Club"  as sponsors of this years V2V. Victory Motorcycles have donated hats, shirts, patches and pins, and we are asking for a donation from all who receive them. A yellow envelope will be in the VMC backpack for donations from the VMC membership for the charity. To raise funds, through Victory, for the charity, we ask that you follow their instructions.  If for some reason you do not get a shirt, patch, hat, or pin, please let your leg captain know and after the ride we will send them out to each leg captain to distribute to you.  This will be done on a first come basis.  Below is an e-mail from Victory on how to download the riders app and register miles for the charity. 

A big special thanks to VMC member Aaron Heinrich, for helping to make this happen.

Have fun and ride safe
Dann Walling
Rob McCord

Dear V2V Relay Leg Captain,
We appreciate your willingness to take the time to volunteer to lead a leg of the V2V Relay. It is owners like you who make Victory proud of its brand.  As you complete your leg, there are a few exciting things that you should note:
Hats, Pins, Patches, and T-shirts
To add to your leg, Victory has provided your leg with some fun swag to give out to your riders. In your box, you will find hats, pins, patches, and t-shirts. Please give one of each item to each of the riders in your leg. Any leftover items should be given to the next leg captain as you pass the baton, to ensure that they have enough for their riders.
Posting Photos
Send all photos that you would like posted on Victory’s ride tracker and on Victory’s Facebook page with a description of the photo and where it was taken to Hannah.Bristol@polaris.com.  
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)
All riders on the 2014 V2V Relay will have the opportunity to raise funds for the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) as Victory will donate $0.10 per mile for every relay rider who tracks their ride using the Victory Rides App, up to $10,000.
All Victory riders across the country also helped your riders to raise funds for the IAVA. On June 21, Victory donated $1 to the IAVA for every photo that was posted of a rider and their motorcycle to the Victory Twitter and Facebook account using the hashtag #RideOne. This has been added to the overall donation amount of up to $10,000.
Ride and donation progress can be viewed at https://www.riderx.com/en-us/sign-up
Using the Victory Rides App to Donate
To donate to the IAVA by using the app, riders will need to download Victory Rides from their app store (Android or iPhone platforms). Once the app is downloaded, they simply have to use the app to record their route and save it to their app profile.
Here’s how to record a route:
o   Go to the “Dashboard” and select “Rides” from bottom menu
o   Hit the “+” button on the top of the app, next to the “Rides” heading

o   Map will then display

o   Hit “Start” to begin tracking your ride

o   When ride is complete, hit “done”

o   When prompted, select “End Ride” and then “Save Ride”
o   Your ride will then be saved and will raise funds for IAVA
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Dann and Rob - thanks for being open to this from the get go when I first broached the idea of tying the ride to a charity back some months ago. Now here we are! I hope everyone pitches in and buys the hat, shirt and patch. Plus, I know the Rider's App is a bit wonky for some, so post pictures using the hashtag if you can't get that app to work. The more activity we have out there - app or social media - the more money we raise for a worthy cause.


I'll be on the first two legs and will look forward to seeing how this progresses over the next couple of weeks.


Ride safe,






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Victory Motorcycles have donated hats, shirts, patches and pins, and we are asking for a donation from all who receive them. A yellow envelope will be in the VMC backpack for donations from the VMC membership for the charity. (copied from above) The selling of t-shirts have been the only way to raise funds for the charity, during the V2V, from the VMC membership. What we are asking, is if you get a hat, shirt, patch, and pin, a monetary donation would be nice.

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