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As in previous years, Victory-Riders.com is providing Live GPS Tracking of the V2V Relay. You can use this page to watch the progress of the relay and plan your rendezvous with the riders. Members of the Victory Riders Network can also add commentary and upload photos to the page from the road with your smartphone. Instructions are listed on the landing page. Membership to Victory-Riders.com is free, All are welcome! Currently the tracking map is show test tracking data but will go live at the start of Leg 1.2014 V2V Live Tracking Page


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If you go over to the left of the map and click on the pages you can see each days progress. When I got it at Littleton the only light on was the gps button. To get it to track you had to push the foot button for a few seconds and when it is tracking it had 3 lights blinking. I think that's why it wasn't tracking earlier



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Looks like the 2014 V2V Relay is complete!

We got a Check-in alert front the GPS from Chicopee, MA!

Here's the Check-In details:


At Local Time:

July 4, 2014 1:23:01 PM EDT

Coordinates: (WGS84) 42.20828 , -72.5603

Message Detail:

The 2012 V2V is here !!!


Congratulations on another V2V in the can. The last leg through NY and MA may have been a wet one with effects of Hurricane Aurther moving up the coast. We hope to hear the official word soon from the leg riders.


Great job to all the riders that cared for SPOT along the way!





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Jedi, Thank you for providing the Spot Tracking. I activated it down in Annapolis MD, and had to change the batteries this morning.

Nice part is it is waterproof, so the rain didn't affect it in any way. We arrived in Chicopee at 1:45pm EDT. I let the Spot run and the final message is the OK button, which I activated before powering it off.

Now we just need to meet up so I can get it back to you.

Thank you





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