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V2V 15 Leg 14, Stroudsburg, PA to Chickopee, MA 7/04/14

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Ok, let me solve this mystery. I was told that the sand was to travel to the east coast and placed on the beach at the Atlantic Ocean. It was given to me by robbrutus to that intent. I thought it was a very cool idea and we would make a chapter photo op of it and put it here on the site. I was also told that next year we would send a jar of sand back to San Fran from the Atlantic Ocean. I am currently holding the (full) jar at my place waiting for the appropriate time to do this.

If i was told this in error, I apologize. If you want something else done with the jar, I can bring it to the National Meet this coming weekend. Everybody please take a step back and breathe.



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I'll have a jacket (or two) plus my rain suit. No problem packing a CC with a trunk, lol. We'll do our own jar next year and CBVR will sign it and send it to the Lost Coast chapter. George and I will see you for dinner Thursday night. I also have Travlin' Tigger (to be passed on at the meet). He'll be returning to Virginia with another rider. Could be some photo ops.



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