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V2V 15 Leg 9, St. Louis, MO to Plainfield IN, 6/29/14

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It is confirmed that we will be staying at the Best Western in Plainfield. 317-837-7500.

Listed under Victory Motocycle.

Rate is $79.99 plus tax.

Remember there is no alcohol sells in Indiana on Sunday's for take out. Although the bar at the hotel will be open till midnight.



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Once again, I'm going to TRY to ride at least part of the route with y'all. Where I intercept our group will probably be determined by where you'll plan to stop for lunch. (I don't want to miss lunch so I want to hook-up a bit before your lunch-stop.)


Some thoughts:

With Plainfield being your overnight-stop, Vandalia might be a bit "early" for lunch. Both Altamont & Effingham have suitable places to eat. Effingham is loaded with possibilities. I think Altamont has a fast-food or two, plus a decent full-service place near both I-70 & US40. I've eaten there a couple of times - with others - and everyone seems to like the place.


In any case, there isn't much east of the Effingham-area - until around Greenup, where you'll find a DQ & a Subway across the road from each other - on IL130, about a quarter-mile north of US40. I'm sure there are other places in Greenup - I'm just not familiar with them.


In any case, if you need me to "scout" some places along the route - just let me know. I'm about 1-1:15 from US40 (Effingham to around Terra Haute) and I ride that area a lot.


Maybe a visit to the world-famous Moonshine, IL could be combined with a WESTBOUND V2V sometime. Moonshine is about 15 min. south of Casey - and US40 goes through Casey. Helen shuts the grill down at 12:30pm - so an EASTBOUND V2V couldn't arrive in time from the St. Louis area.


NOTE: Maybe next year? I think a WESTBOUND V2V would work - since Plainfield is the overnight-stop now! Yahoo Maps claims the ETA for Plainfield to Moonshine is 1 hr. & 43 min. (BTW, you lose an hour crossing the state line, westbound.)


I could never work-in a visit to Moonshine when I was leading the V2V - with Terre Haute as our overnight stop. Lunch at 10am didn't seem like a great idea. But I'm thinking Plainfield makes the visit possible. It's just a thought. Everyone should experience the "ambiance" of Moonshine once in their lives!


Hope I can make it for part of the route - and it's not 100 degrees / 100% humidity this year!!!





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This is a great place to go to. If there is enough interested, we could make it happen this year. Would proably mean kick stands up at 8AM though, and maybe even more I70 riding.

We need to be there by 12 noon to 12:15. The grill shuts down at 12:30 sharp.


If you are going to ride this leg. Please give your input weither it is a yes or no. Depending on comments put in here I will try to make it happen.




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