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V2V 15 Leg 2, Carson City, NV to Ely, NV. 6/22/14

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Hotel Nevada   http://hotelnevada.com/

Toll Free # 1-888-406-3055 

long distance # 1-775-289-6665

Got us a block of 19 or 20 rooms plus the lower dinning area reserved for 7pm dinner.

Suites & Kings --- $59.00 includes tax

Queen or 2 fulls - $49.00 includes tax

Remember to mention that your with the Victory Motorcycle Club


If these fill up there is always the Jailhouse across the street   http://www.jailhousecasino.com/

Toll Free # 1-800-841-5430

long distance # 1-775-289-3033

King (new wing) $70.00

Queen - 1 person $56.00, 2 people $60.00 Kings same price



See you there


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Will be joining you coming in with Leg 1 and continuing on through.


Pew - at some point you should also post what time you plan on having KSU from Carson, where the stops will be (likely the same as always but there may be some people new to this joining us) and what time you plan the baton pass dinner and where it will be in Ely. Feel free to PM or call me. :)



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The meetup for this leg looks to be in Dayton at the Gold Ranch Casino for breakfast. It is right on East Highway 50 maybe 1/2 a mile east of the 4 way stoplight on the north side of the hwy. The crew from California are planing to meet us there for breakfast then we will head east for Ely. kickstands up about 9:30 or so. Good Food here, decent prices. just ask R&R Bob or Redd

 This casino was Terrible's Casino so if your trying to map it you may have to try the old name.



Dinner/Baton Passoff will be at 7pm in the lower dinning room at the Hotel Nevada.

it's less than 3 months away :chpr


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here's the plan for Sunday Morning June 22 


It all starts at the Carson Station, Wendy & I will show up for Breakfast just before 7am and we should ALL be ready to be KSU for Reno at 8am. Please be gassed up and ready to go. It is 90 miles from Carson City to Fallon going through Reno so we should all be good for fuel.

Dealer - KSU 9-9:30 to Fallon 64 mi about an hour. we will take hwy 80 to Fernley then take the hwy 50 ALT to Fallon.

Fallon, get gassed up and head east on US 50 to Austin, 110 miles about an hour 50min.

Austin, get gas, lunch (for those that want it) then head east to Eureka, 70 miles about an hour 10min.

Eureka, get Gas  then head east to Ely 77 miles about an hour 20min. check in, GET LIQUID REFRESHMENTS :beer

Dinner/passoff is set for 7pm in the lower dinning room at the Hotel Nevada


Those from our LC who are going east will meet up with us at the Dealer.

looking at the miles and times we can expect a good 6 hours in the saddle. not many cops out there so we can make up some time.

if anyone wants to stop at Middlegate we can take a breather there.



PS - my ride co-captain will be pgivens


also folks, I need a pretty fair count for how many will meet up at the dealer so they know how much stuff to get, just click above for 1up or 2up

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this was fun. 4 of us from the Comstock Victory Riders participated, 3 of us went to Ely.

thanks out to Craig, Pat and Tony :appl :appl :appl

had a cool ride out this year for a pleasant change, was a bit warmer on the ride back, but not bad. pleasure meeting and riding with the Lost Coast Victory Riders and a few others.


Here's some pics

oop's, they need to be resized before I can put them up

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