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Wow, the registrations keep coming in.  We have folks from 19 states already registered.  Maryland to California, South Carolina to Idaho, Michigan to Texas, and states in between.  Early bird registration ends February 28th.  VMC members receive discounts on registration!

Midwest Victory Rally Information


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Regular event registrations ends 4/27/19.  Currently we have 200+ folks from 21 states registered for the 2019 VMC Midwest Victory Rally.  VMC members receive a discount on registration.  www.midwestvictoryrally.com  for more information or to register for the Rally.

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On 3/14/2019 at 6:55 PM, sonicbluerider said:

are they having used parts table area to sell unwanted victory partsa.they going to have a swap/ used parts table area to sell stuff ,!!!!

I've been thinking about a swap meet table or area, but that means someone has to man it.

Not sure if I have enough volunteers for all that's going on.

Let's see how many people would like this to happen and I'll see what I can do. 

O.K. Vic peeps start checking in and say your piece!

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4 hours ago, grim-reaper99v92c said:

How many years have they had this rally? 

This is the first year for the Midwest Victory Rally. The Midwest Victory Rally started as an offshoot of the VMC's North Central Regional Rally that was based in various locations throughout the Midwest. Members of the River Cities Victory Riders (RCVR) and the Central Iowa Victory Riders (CIVR), both Victory Motorcycle Club (VMC) North Central regional chapters, proposed moving the event to De Soto, IA, home of Rylan's nationally acclaimed "The Vic Shop". Thus the 2019 Midwest Victory Rally was born.

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Registration Update 5/15/2019 - 266 total registrants. Folks from 23 U.S. states (got first from Connecticut) and 2 Canadian provinces! Breakdown by state/province:
IA 62
NE 41
IL 29
MN 28
MO 24
WI 15
KS 13
SD 12
IN 8
OK 6
CO 6
MI 4
TN 2
NM 2
UT 1
TX 1
SC 1
PA 1
MD 1
ID 1
CT 1
CA 1
AZ 1
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