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VMC Ride During 2019 Daytona BIke Week

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On Thursday 3/14, there will be a VMC Ride from  TBD location , KSU at 10AM. I have been trying to get confirmation that meeting at Volusia Motorsports would be okay but they have not responded. I have another location nearby that is convenient and will post details via email, so if you are planning to go make sure you send me an email. The ride will follow nice back roads to lunch on the St. Johns River with a stop along the way at a lakeside park about 1 hour into the ride, the distance to lunch is ~75 miles. Return trip would follow the same route unless those riding back want to try an alternate route. I will make up route sheet for those attending. I need for people to register, as I need to get an accurate headcount for lunch. You will order off the menu with individual checks. I have had pins made for this ride, I had 25 made, VMC members get first chance, image is below, $5 each.



and indicate if you want a pin. The email should include you name and VMC number. I Hope to see some of you on the ride as far as I know no one has ever been disappointed on one of my rides. Kevin Munsey contact me and I'll give contact info so you can call about pets, it's an outside patio.


Daytona-Bike-Week-2019 PIN.jpg

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