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2019 20th Annual V2V, Leg 1, Staten Island, NY to Frederick, MD – Saturday June 22, 2019

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Your leg captain for this leg is Gene Hunt

The hotel for the start of this Leg is the Comfort Inn on Staten Island, there is a room block of 10 rooms, which we can expand if we need to

New Hotel is Comfort Suites in East Brunswick NJ

Arrival: Friday, 6-21-19

Departure: Saturday, 6-22-19 

You must call the 800 number 800-258-2847 and request the Victory Motorcycle Club Discount, contact me directly if you are a member and do not know the group number. I was able to get a room for $90 using our club discount.

Single Kings (1 king sz bed): 5 - $119.00 *after taxes* = $140.05

Doubles (2 full sz beds): 5 - $129.00 *after taxes* = $151.53

Booking link https://www.choicehotels.com/reservations/groups/WB03R9 

OR  you can call 877-424-6423 mention the VMc 20th Annual V2V

The cutoff date for reservations is 5/21/2019, after that there is no guarantee of getting the group rate

The Hotel for the end of this leg is the Comfort Inn in Frederick, MD.

Room rate is $99 2 queen beds

Group Name: Victory Motorcycle Club
Check In: Saturday, Jun 22, 2019 (3:00 PM)
Check Out: Sunday, Jun 23, 2019 (12:00 PM)
Cutoff Date: Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Booking link:


7300 Executive Way,
Frederick, MD, US, 21704
+1 (301) 668-7272


Ride details will follow. - Gene

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I have found some really good historic references including a 1925-26 NJ map with the Victory Highway on it. I have a rough route plotted and Hotel booked for this Saturday on Staten Island, will do  a dry run of the route to fine tune it on Sunday back to Frederick. - Gene

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4 hours ago, gene hunt said:

I do not know yet, I'm going to try and follow close to the documented route so I plan to do a dry run sometime this month, once I do I'll let you know. - Gene


let me know when you plan to do the dry run.  I was a co-captain many many years ago, and have been over this leg before.


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I plan to go to Staten Island on a Saturday and ride back on a Sunday sometime this month. Going up I'll take a route that gets me there without getting on NJ Turnpike, maybe take the Lewes Ferry then Garden State Pkwy. I have the route from old records if you are interested in joining me let me know. If you want to dialog on the route I'd prefer to do that via email mmy email is twolanefun@outlook.com. - Gene

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On ‎4‎/‎2‎/‎2019 at 5:42 AM, K2-V2 said:

Gene, do you know the route you'll be taking? I'd like to try and meet up with you after you cross into NJ.

I'm thinking you could meet us at the old ferry terminal at Perth Amboy where the Totten Ferry came in as that was the route back in the day. I'll know more after this weekend. - Gene

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I changed the start of this Leg.

I did a dry run up to Staten Island over the weekend, riding up on Saturday and then following the route I had pieced together from historical records and a 1925 map back down to Frederick on Sunday, did not get too wet. I had the Baton with me and got the sand from Wolfs Pond Beach to put in the jar, not a lot of shells and the sand isn't very sandy but I got it. I also took Pictures of the Victory Bridge stopping on NJ side and made a stop at the Historical Ferry Slip that was used before the bridge. https://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0LxRmMst5ZNk1Ep4qvOtUn1s3hlz6G2bn

As for the Hotel and Location - Terrible. I had picked this since I felt it being the 20th it was good to go back to where it all started back in the day. I picked this Comfort Inn because at the time I was looking there was an Italian restaurant next door in the HI, not anymore it is now a HI Express. There is a place .7 miles away http://www.westshoreinn.com/ food was not that great but the prices were too special. Parking at the Hotel is awful. Staten Island is a compact and crowded place and many one way roads, while I had a good route selected and navigated it without too much trouble I just decided it's not worth it. So I have moved the location, I placed calls last night but was only partially successful. 

The new location is a great location 2 miles off our route as we follow Bordentown Ave, which is the original Victory Highway, in East Brunswick NJ. The info is at the top of this forum. It is a Comfort Suites and a fantastic local restaurant across the street. When I stopped to talk to the manager on duty he informed me that I could get a better rate using the rate we have at Corporate. So I checked that out and he was right when I talked to the Hotel GM today the best rate he could do is $103 and I had to guarantee all 10 rooms with my credit card. The rate I got at corporate 800 number using our code is $90 for a king Suite. 

The route from the hotel to Lunch at the Nauti Goose 


After lunch we will continue on Victory Highway/National Road with perhaps a stop at Fort McHenry, we'll decide at lunch, then onto route around Baltimore to exit on old national road through Ellicott City and follow that to Frederick stopping at the Jug Bridge Memorial just before arriving at our hotel in Frederick.

- Gene

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