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2019 20th Annual V2V, Leg 8, Russell, KS to Fort Morgan, CO (Denver) – Saturday June 29, 2019

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Your Leg Captain for this leg is Paul Simpson

The leg starts at Fossil Creek Hotel & Suites, 1430 South Fossil, Russell, KS

The leg ends at Comfort Inn

1417 Barlow Road, Fort Morgan, CO

(970) 867-6700   

VMC rate 2 queens $121 or $106 non refundable

                   1 King     $129 or $110 non refundable

There is a Rodeway very close to the Inn that is $71 to $79 per night if someone wants to save some $$

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As you noticed, we are taking a more northerly route this year: https://goo.gl/maps/2teb5R4HkBK2

the highlight of the trip will be a visit here: https://stfrancismotorcyclemuseum.org/


We plan on having dinner and baton switch at  Mavericks.  looks like a walk to the Hotel.  As stated in the previous post there is a Rodeway adjoining the Comfort Inn. I haven't contacted them about blocking rooms because there usually is a small group riding the plains.

1409 Barlow Rd., Fort Morgan, CO, 80701, US
Phone: (970) 867-9481.
If you want more info contact me at 785-623-1149
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As of 5/28 I have 4 couples and 8 singles staying at the house.  I believe I have reached out to everyone who is spending the night.  If you are unsure, please contact me at 785 623 1149.

As far as Fort Morgan goes, I'm staying at the Comfort Inn but know others are reserved at the Rodeway.

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