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2019 VMC National Meet - The Great Victory Escape


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I know many of you already have your rooms reserved for the 2019 VMC National Meet in Lake George, NY. Don't forget to register for the actual event! THE GREAT VICTORY ESCAPE ROOM RAFFLE!!! YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME TO BE INCLUDED IN THE ROOM RAFFLE!!!!!!
Well, since we are doing so well with room registration at The Great Escape Lodge, we have managed to secure some comp rooms that we are going to have some fun with! Register before March 15, 2019, to be included in a raffle for 3 free room nights at the Lodge for the National meet. One lucky winner will be spending 3 nights at The Great Escape Lodge on us!! You will be entered into this incredible raffle simply by registering for the National Meet itself. We will draw one name from all attendees registered between 12/5/18 and 3/15/19. Members of the Adirondack Victory Riders will not be entered. Winner is responsible for tax and fees on the room. This is big folks, again, you will be entered to win a free 3 night stay at the National Meet simply by registering for the event, The Great Victory Escape. REMEMBER RESERVING YOUR ROOM IS NOT REGISTERING. YOU MUST REGISTER TO BE ELIGIBLE. GO REGISTER NOW!!
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