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On 7/1/2019 at 7:41 PM, Pushstart said:

After lunch at Vernal, Lowell and I split off and took Hwy 35 up through Hannah UT and Ashley National Forest. I couldn’t stop in too many places to take pics, but let me tell you, this is beautiful!  Makes those 107 days worth it. Roaring streams along the road, snow covered mountains and breathtaking views. 





Great Pics Viv..  wish I was with you guys..  What were the temps going through there?  Stay safe..

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I just heard from Rose and I'm happy to report this 20th running of the V2V has arrived at the end. I want to congratulate all that participated, and say Thanks to the leadership of the Leg Captains, and a big thanks to those who followed us along this years ride in this forum and the spot track. It is historic and I hope the certificates end up in a nice frame and on a wall somewhere, mine will be in my garage. - Geneimageproxy.php?img=&key=19e107beb98c8a3e

certificate IMG_3080.jpg

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Happy 4 of July! 

We made it to San Francisco and enjoyed dinner at the Crab House. I made new friends on this year V2V and hope to see everyone again on another VMC ride soon. 

Here is a couple of photos from dinner. I made sure Tiger/Fish Witch was apart of dinner. I will post more later. 



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I'm glad that everyone arrived safely. Thanks for letting me "ride" along in the Forum, since I couldn't make it out this year. I have participated in the last 4 West to East V2Vs, but have yet to make it on an East to West. Maybe in 2021.

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Just looked at pictures from 20th V2V, they’re all great big thanks to all leg Capts 

and organizer !!

especially our leg capt’s legs 10-13 excellent routes and accommodations.

Trish and I loved the rides and were happy to meet new friends and visit with family (old friends)

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