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2019 VMC National Meet Rides

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 This past Saturday, members of the Adirondack Victory Riders completed the last two recon rides for the event in September.  We had fun creating these routes but, we had much more fun riding them.  There are 10 routes available to load onto your GPS.  The routes range in length from 61 miles to 207, and of course cover some diverse areas. We have a ride that heads to Whiteface Mtn. and Lake Placid, (about 75 miles away), the site of past Winter Olympics. We have plenty of historical places for those who wish to explore, such as Fort William Henry just up the road or, Fort Ticonderoga about 40 miles away. 

 We have a ride that should satisfy any and all who are attending this rally.  We also expect to have 3 guided rides for Friday and Saturday as well. We are doing our homework, and I can say that some of my job was checking out these rides...it is dirty work but, somebody has to do it! 

Come check out this part of our great country.  

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6 hours ago, gene hunt said:

Sure hope there is a thread for posting pictures, comments each day of the event so that club members who could not make it can see all the fun fellow members are having. - Gene

And they should be blasting the pictures ad commentary all over Facebook to bring awareness to the VMC.

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