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Hardball Rally - well done our Luxembourg Chapter


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Here's my translation - excuse any errors. 

Marku ("Llama")


It was the end of 2018 when we start thinking about the 2019 season: we would participate in the gathering in Luxembourg, and more precisely in Beaufort, the Hardball 4.  A journey of over 2000km in 5 days.

We are 3 total newcomers riding their Victorys, facing a 'serious' journey for the first time.  It starts on 1 August from Noale, with a temperature that is still pleasant.

We face the traffic of the Valsugana and then we turn towards the Brenner. Then off to the Europe Bridge, Innsbruck and the road to Germany where we stop for the night. 

We arrive at Beaufort and immediately meet our friends from the Victory Riders Luxembourg VMC, Franz, Mireille, Tom, Mike, Ian and Laura, all intent on making sure that the event runs away perfectly ... and so it will be.

We meet many other friends known only via FB or meet in the course of friendship and beer.  On Saturday the "classic" run for the streets of the Grand Duchy awaits us with a noble purpose: the support of the Fondation Autisme Luxembourg.  

The next day we depart for Italy: 650 km to the Bavarian Alps south east of Monaco.  Our little adventure ends like this, with the emotion in the heart that does not want to go and indeed, lets in even a little melancholy at the moment of greetings even if ... we are already thinking about our 2020!

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