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Victory or Indian


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Traded my 2009 Vision in on a 2019 Indian Roadmaster. After 500 miles on the Indian. 


The Indian trans is better

The ride command is awesome !!!

The Indian is a better looking bike then the Vision but not the Cross Country

The Indian handles better in slow maneuvers

 For a touring bike it feels really lite, The Vision would get heavy in stop and go traffic when riding two up and loaded with gear

The Indian just feels better handling at intersections

Im 6'1" I feel crunched up on the indian> seems like its built for a shorter rider

Finding Neutral is allmost too easy to find??

The color contrast on the analog gauges are hard to see  > be better if it was black on white  not black on yellow

Not having passenger grab handles, for a passenger on a 30,000 plus touring bike> is total fucking crap by Polaris


The Victory trans is Hard to find neutral 

Checking and filling tire pressure sucks

When in stop and go traffic and a loaded bike it can get heavy.

In really slow maneuverability ,the vision is cumbersome 

The wind management on the vision is awesome,  Cant imagine a better bike

Putting the Vision on cruise at 80 MPH and going down the highway is awesome. ( 90 MPH is better  but the cops dont like it )  LOVE IT!!!

Rider comfort for a taller rider blows the the Indian away 

Passenger seat comfort and safety ( grab handles ) blows the indian away


I guess I have to give the nod to the Indian, only because its 10 years newer.  Put good tires on a Vision, with Indian's  ride command. I would have to say the Vision is a better bike





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