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Victory in Europe - In planning stage for May 2020. TBC

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Planning is underway for a unique event in Europe in 2020, so whilst it is not yet set in stone I thought it worth mentioning for any members in Europe or thinking of visiting next year.

The idea (made by one of our American members) is an event in Europe based around the 75th anniversary of "Victory in Europe" (VE Day) (8th May, 1945).  Uwe, our keen German member, has taken the lead on looking at possibilities.  Currently the idea is for a number of start points from different European countries, converging in Berlin for a gathering there, ideally at the Brandenburg Gate which has become something of a symbol of peace in Europe.  
There is already a busy calendar for Vic enthusiasts in Europe for next year, including an international rally in Austria (9 July), and 31 Jul - 2 Aug the very popular and fantastically well organised "HardBall 5"event in Luxembourg which is organised by our very dedicated Luxembourg Chapter.  

Uwe, do please correct anything here if necessary, and keep us updated.  I know from our emails that you have some real challenges, but it would be a fantastic addition to the European calendar if it happens.

The VMC has valued members in Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Portugal, UK, Switzerland, Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Finland, Denmark, the Czech Republic.....and please forgive me if I have missed anyone!  (Hey, we need a presence in Austria and the Netherlands!)

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