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2020 V2V - Maps of entire route and the 13 Legs

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Attached is a map for anyone interested to check out, it is also posted under our Meets/Rallys/Events section (accessible from the home page of the website). It could be going through a town or city near you.............. maybe you'd like to participate in one or more of the legs!

V2V 2020 - Entire route and a break down of the 13 legs

*Please note - leg captains provide their own routes but they will be similar to the ones shown


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Need to check my schedule but would like to participate in the St. Louis to Indy leg. On that note what are the details for the leg coming from Kansas City? Even if I can't ride on the leg I would at least like to join the group for there nightly dinner here in St. Louis.

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Leg details, hotel information, all the pertinent stuff will be posted soon.  Please understand, this relay is still on a hold due to the National shutdown.  Hopefully, a decision will be made to go or no go 5-13-20.  In the meantime, with the information Amanda has compiled, look at your schedules and the proposed areas/routes and develop a plan.  

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As the safety and health are top priority of all of our members and their riders, the Board of Directors has decided to not hold the annual V2V relay in 2020.  I, along with most, are disappointed.  The complexity of this event, passing through many states, and the individual area guidelines for the pandemic, complicates the planning.  

I would like to make a somewhat virtual V2V.  If members will send pictures to me, with specific location details, from along the normal V2V route, I hope to post a collage for each leg.  Of course with lots of help and support of the members.  

I look forward to 2021.  

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