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V2V legs posted

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I have stickied a thread with the dates and leg info at the top of this forum. Please review and contact me if you are interested in being a leg captain. Leg captains plan the route for the individual legs, set up lodging for the end of their leg and lead the rides. The leg captain usually has a co-captain to help with the leg work and on the ride. The last few years, some LC's have been taking responsibility for this where the leg travels through their area. This has been a great success, with multiple members helping to plan and set up those legs.


Thanks in advance to all volunteers and participants!

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The Revolutionary Freedom Riders will take care of Leg 14.

Captains and Co-captains to be decided at next meeting.

The end of V2V/4th of July party will be a good one.

in Chicopee will be a good one


:chpr :chpr :chpr :chpr

:tu :tu :tu

:beer :beer :beer

:usa :usa :usa



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I started a Poll on the LOST COAST VICTORY RIDERS forum to get a headcount for those who are going on Leg 1 from SF to Carson City and will need lodging. I am working with the Gold Dust West but they may not have enough and will recommend a second location if need be. Once I have a headcount I can get them to reserve a block of rooms and give me the rates. Please vote in the poll if you're going. Thx.



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I have been in contact with the Sales Mgr at the Gold Dust West in Carson City and she will confirm with me tomorrow the number of rooms they will be able to hold for us. If we need more, she will put me in touch with either the Hampton Inn or Carson Station Casino nearby. Since I don't have a headcount yet, in case we do have to split up the group, we will still plan on the dinner/torch pass at the Gold Dust West Mexican restaurant we've used before. I'll update this as soon as I can.



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