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Hi everyone!  I’m Rose, and I am both the President of Sin City Victory Riders, Chapter 17 in Las Vegas, and the Event Chair for the 20th Annual VMC National Meet.  We are very excited and honored to be afforded the opportunity to host this prestigious event, show off our beautiful city and surrounding areas, and show our Victory Family an Epic Time!  

In an effort to consolidate all questions and answers into one easy to find, search and reference location, we will be answering any 20th Annual National Meet in this thread alone.  We will be posting in other forums with similar instructions linking here.

As much as we want to put it all out right now, we have been advised to pursue a more methodical timetable.  As such we expect the website to be up and operational in its first revision in 3 to 6 weeks.  Q&A here after the website goes live will be much more responsive.

Persons that will be officially responding to questions on behalf of the hosting chapter will be:
Myself 😇      President                 “Sweet Pea”
Danielle        Vice President       “mom3moos”
Levi                Secretary                 “theflashman”
Phil                 Spokesman             “PrometheusVII”

In closing, I hope you guys are as exited to come out to Vegas as we are to be hosting it.  We all look forward to seeing you when September rolls round!

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