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2021 REGISTRATION 21st Annual Victory Highway Relay, the V2V

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IMPORTANT TO PARTICIPATE YOU MUST REGISTER BY 5/15/2021. YOU CAN REGISTER HERE:   https://2021vmcv2v.eventzilla.net


In 1921, a group of American citizens formed a group, known as the Victory Highway Association, to create a transcontinental highway to commemorate American Forces members who were in killed in action during World War 1. The highway, which existed between 1921 and 1938, went through numerous configurations and iterations using existing and specially constructed roads, bridges and ferries. This highway would be known as the Victory Highway and it crossed the country between New York City and San Francisco, California.  Here is the History of the Victory Highway and a link to Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victory_Highway

In the spirit and celebration of ALL veterans, and for those who gave us their ultimate sacrifice, the Victory Motorcycle Club is pleased to announce the 21st Annual Victory Highway Relay “V2V” for 2021. 

This year the ride begins on 6/22/21 in San Francisco, California and ends 7/4/2021 near Statin Island, New York.

The ride consists of 13 legs, each leg is 1 day and led by a Leg Captain who has the baton, a jar of sand from the Pacific Ocean, and the Spot (link will be provided later) which allows the entire membership to track the progress of the ride as it goes across the country.  

This year we will have T-shirts for VMC members, registering before 5-16-21.  Budget allows for approximately 50, get your registration completed.  Shirts will be delivered to ride captains.  A Non-Member must pay for their shirt during registration.  A long sleeve t-shirt option and a Covid/V2V commemorative bandanna is also available.   

Hotel and booking information is included in each leg forum/thread as well as detailed information about the ride/route for each leg provided by the leg captain.

Leg # Date Start Point End Point Leg Captain
1 6/22/2021 San Francisco Carson City NV (Reno)  Brent Fletcher
2 6/23/2021 Carson City, NV Ely, NV Rose Mandile
3 6/24/2021 Ely, NV Midway, UT (Salt Lake) Rose Mandile
4 6/25/2021 Midway, UT Craig, CO Michel Magers
5 6/26/2021 Craig, CO Fort Morgan, CO (Denver) John Dextras
6 6/27/2021 Fort Morgan, CO Wilson, KS Paul Simpson
7 6/28/2021 Wilson, KS Kansas City, MO Lowell Johnson
8 6/29/2021 Kansas City, MO Collinsville, IL (St. Louis) Jerry Post
9 6/30/2021 Collinsville, IL Plainfield, IN (Indianapolis) Wayne O Jr.
10 7/1/2021 Indianapolis, IN Columbus, OH Wayne O Jr.
11 7/2/2021 Columbus, OH Uniontown, PA Dillon Johnson
12 7/3/2021 Uniontown, PA Frederick, MD Sam Titus 
13 7/4/2021 Frederick, MD East Brunswick NJ (Staten Island, NY) Richard Burgess







Some V2V history is available on other posts in this same section.  Check them out, or ask questions here.  





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Another thing that should be mentioned: We ride the V2V, which is completed on July 4th to celebrate the birthday of Victory Motorcycles. On this day the first motorcycle rolled off the line.



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