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V2V Leg 5

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Sorry this post is late but here goes.  First, thanks to the organizer(s) for this 22nd V2V.  What a great turnout this year.  Our riders began our ride some backroad Indiana twisties along Rt. 218 and Rt.39 to get the blood flowing.  Up and down and around through the tree covered roads.  We got lost a little bit but that's the adventure.  Our first stop was Cataract Falls but we couldn't park inside the park.  Guard shack burnt up!  They let is walk in to take some pics though.  Then is was on to lunch.  At a gas stop, in West Union, IL.,  I happened to check the lunch stop and it was closed for some reason.  Across the street from the gas stop was a family diner. Well, it turned our to be fantastic.  Daily specials were $5.95 with dessert!  What a deal.  Our next stop was in Casey, IL. where they have the largest just about everything.  We then got onto the National Highway all the way to the hotel.  Thanks to Kevin and Xena for helping guide us around a road closure.  We met some great folks and everyone had a great time.  Here are a few pics but more are coming.  288652489_10224563964745179_5913411125095679035_n.thumb.jpg.29205e842f323605198af7e29553c415.jpg290547494_10225689638935065_3666982970741074927_n.thumb.jpg.af3cd7da37909e8a16d38dfdea5801c4.jpg290578519_10225688428984817_3959390371656761443_n.thumb.jpg.94d74c7cc71ebcce83d3fae186643126.jpg290627525_10225688427784787_3877499972548607721_n.thumb.jpg.cb260cccb46eeba29249bc3a5729a417.jpg

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