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Not that I know of.

It is something I proposed a couple of years ago - trying to create something which would be beneficial to traders and members - forget the high price we used to ask Traders to pay for a special category of being a member - just charge them the standard rate, but then allow them to advertise their products in our Vendors section, give us preferential treatment whatever that means - a heads up of a sale, new products, maybe discount coupons, whatever, but it would have to be advantageous for both sides.  Even seeing their new products on our website would surely be interesting for some of us.  Maybe we could give them a stack of "Join the VMC cards" and they could drop one in each order they mail out.  

Gone are the days when we could expect them to pay $75 for the privilege - indeed, we would have to work hard to make it worth their while, and we have to make it as easy as possible for them.

I don't think anything came of my idea (as usual!) - I think the view was "why would they bother when they can reach so many more Vic owners freely on FB."  My opinion was "But we ARE the VMC, the oldest and original Vic club, and we should make more of that - we were here when they started, and we are still here and not going anywhere, surely we should at least TRY."

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