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VITO! 10th Annual Victory In The Ozards


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This will be my umpteenth trip to ES, but my first to VITO (if Country Mountain Inn will ever call me back about reservations anyway). I'll be bringing my Spyder riding wife and a couple of Vulcan riding friends along, none of them are VMC members. So a noobe question, what is the policy about them getting into the Saturday night dinner?









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I've had the opportunity to ride NW Ark a couple of different times. This will be my first VITO. Last year some family members decided to start a riding tradition. We met there in April. So I suggested we do it again and make it in May. A couple ride HD, 1 is a Wing guy, but he has been looking seriously at a Vision. This may just push him over the top. We booked rooms at Motel 62, just down the street from the Country Mountain Inn.



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