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2014 National Meet


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if anybody has a spare bed or couch or a motel room half empty at the meet, please let me know. Am looking to share cost. I am a retired military Montana Air Nationa Guard veteran. I ride an 07 KPT. I plan to ride all the way around our great country this summer. Keeping my cost down will be a concen. Thanks. POPS :tu :usf



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I have a question didn't register because i cant get out of work for friday but i only live about an 1-1/2 away and would like to come over Saturday to see some of the bikes and visit the vendors and then just go home is this allowed without registration?



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Just got home and unpacked from the National!!

Thanks to the Adirondack Victory Riders and Jim Koshars' band of workers for a great National! 
Thanks to all the vendors for your donations to support the silent auction and being there to help Victory owners add bling and performance to our rides!  I hope you enjoyed your time at the meet!

I would also like to Thank Steve Menneto VP from Polaris for giving a wonderful speech and Q and A period for the VMC members

Thank you Victory for you generous support to the Friday Night  Chicken BBQ and Victory gifts and donations!!

Chuck Miller (cskiwild)
VMC Events Chairman 

Hope to meet more new and old VMC member and Friends at the 2015 

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Got home last night and mostly unpacked.

Extremly good time at the meet. Great roads, great hotel, great friends and very good people who worked hard to give us a wonderful time. Plus a good number of vendors.


3800 miles in 10 days with 58 hours in the saddle and 14 States, and 1 Provence in Canada.




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