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Offical 2014 Meet


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cskiwild - 2013-09-27 8:14 AM

I am excited to announce the location of the 2014 VMC National Meet!


July 17-20, 2014

Catskill Mountains

Hunter New York

Hosted BY

The Adirondack Victory Riders


Northeast Region


More information regarding the meet will fallow soon,spread the word!!!


Same weekend as the TN Victory Rally for the past 3 years...nice job!
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The dates are set! The location is known. Start making your plans and head to New York! Sure wish I could be joining but - darn that job anyway!!! For those that are going - just know I'm jealous.


Happy to see the positive responses and wishing the Adriondack guys the best of luck. I know you'll rock the event!! Looking forward to pictures.......


And watch out for that one guy from Florida - he carries a flip phone and knows how to use it.....I hear he'll be there! Then there's this guy from LHC......be still my .......




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I talked to MOM's about rentals. I will be posting more info on this but they said if we have a group they will do a discount. Don't book it throw the web site. They have 3 pickup locations. The main one is there store in Foxboro Ma. but that is about a 1 hour ride from TF green airport in Warwick RI and Boston Logan airport. They have a location in Revere close to Logan airport. They will workout pickup there or pay for your cab. and they have a location in Manchester NH not far from the Manchester airport. They are all about a 4 hour ride to the rally but it is a option for people to far away to ride. I will post more info tomorrow. I forgot the info at home today. :doh

They also said they will transfer Victorys to the location we are renting from.


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I already reserved my spot at Devils Tombstone

FYI the campground rate is $16 per night for NY Residents, $21 for out of state residents, plus $9 for Reserve America "transaction fee"


I'm booked the 16th to the 20th, figure use the extra day to explore the area and take my time getting there.


Still cheaper than 1 night in the hotel room.




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