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2018 19th Annual V2V, Park City Utah To Craig Colorado


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Welcome everyone to Leg 4 of the 2018 V2V
I am Graham Vincent, (also known as Grambo,)  I am excited to be your your leg captain for today, we will be leaving from:
Zermatt Resort in Midway Utah, which is about 5 miles west of Heber City Utah, KSU as close to 8:45 am as possible, we have about a 350 mile day ahead of us, and most of it is spectacular!
The Zermatt Resort has a breakfast restaurant on site, which has very reasonable prices and opens around 6:00 am, so you should have plenty of time to get showered, check tires etc.
We will have a fuel stop about 20 miles from the hotel, Ethanol free gasoline is available, and you will definitely want to fill up, we got some ridin' to do!, we will leave the gas stop in Kamas UT and head up Hgwy 150 Mirror Lake Road and follow the route shown on the attached link.

After having climbed up and over Bald Mountain Pass (10,700 ft) the road winds its way down to Evanston Wyoming, it's not the end of the world, but you can see it from there!
we then have a short Interstate stint to Fort Bridger Wyoming, where we will head back south to Manila Ut, and pick up Ut 44, which winds its way up the rock cliffs and joins up with
hgwy 191, south into Vernal Utah, ethanol free fuel will be available and the greatest little old school hamburger place, those that V2V'd last year know what I am talking about!, the french fries are most excellent, and the chocolate malts are going to be one of the best you have ever had, I have eaten there quite a few times and have never been able to finish everything.
We will then pick up The Victory Highway and head East to Hgwy 64 thru Rangely and on to Meeker Colorado.
Accommodations will be at the White River Inn (970) 878-5031 rooms will be $80 either a single King or Double Queen, Monday evening, June 25th, they have a ticket started for us, just let them know you are with the Victory Motorcycle Group, and they will get you taken care of.
Meeker has many restaurants, Mexican food (Ma Famiglia is good), Outfitters Diner is very good for dinner and opens at 6:00 am for breakfast, be hungry, the food at Outfitters Diner is  great and so are the portions. they are less than a 2 minute walk from our motel.
Meeker does not lack for adult frosty beverage type places, most no more than a 5 minute walk from the motel, there is also a liquor store right on main street for those who would rather enjoy the beautiful green area at the motel, your room is furnished with a small fridge to keep them cold, if you so wish.
We will be trundling over mountain passes, and thru open high plains, weather can "happen" at a moments notice, have rain gear accessible, not that we will need it, this is the V2V, and it never rains on us! like wise it could just as easily be 100 degrees!, this is the Rocky Mountains, don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes,,, it'll change!

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Good morning everyone, I finally have the link so that you can book your room for Sunday June 24th 2018.

IF you are splitting a room, ONLY 1 OF YOU SHOULD BOOK A ROOM, you are going to have to work out the room cost with your room mate, the resort can not split room charges. Every room will need to be reserved on a credit card, if you both call, you will BOTH GET A ROOM!

In order to get the V2V rate you need to call the reservation link shown below BEFORE MAY 15th 2018.

booking link has arrived! Here it is: https://www.wyndhamhotels.com/trademark/midway-utah/zermatt-utah-resort-and-spa/rooms-rates?checkin_date=6/24/2018&checkout_date=6/25/2018&group_code=10K7IU

Your room cost for the night should be right at $150 TOTAL.


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The resort fee was waived for our group, you should not have to pay that, the way I ran the math the room rate should be $129.00 plus Utah Lodging tax (12.92%) $145.66 total.

I contacted the hotel, I will let you know if it is anything different.

annaway weee go!


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Follow up to billing for the overnight stay June 24th 2018.

<h4>RE: The Resort Fee Fiasco</h4>

when you follow the link:




to "reserve" your room, your receipt will show a charge of $162.60, HOWEVER, when you check in at the hotel on June 24th, your credit card will only be charged $145.67.


because, as we are all well aware, in this simple world, nothing is ever simple!, the software that the hotel uses to "block" your room does not have the ability to "not" charge for the resort fee, therefore the front desk staff will have to override it when you check in.....SIMPLE!            :-{o)





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A short video of the riders getting ready to leave from Zermatt.  Cleta and I had to take the "short route"  since she can't do those high peaks due to her lung issues...  We did however pass the V2V riders as we were riding into Mirror Lake when they were riding out,  that was pretty Cool!!

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