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2017 18th Annual V2V LEG 14 Poll Reno/Carson City NV to San Francisco CA

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Do we know who leg captain is yet? What are 'plans' once we 'land' in San Francisco? This will be my first time riding the last leg into San Francisco and I'm looking forward to spending times with friends watching fireworks over the ocean. Info from the locals would be a huge help! Rose Mandile will be with me. Can't wait!




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I too am looking for info on this leg. I have missed the last 4-5 years. looks like things have changed quite a bit. I would like to know where the hotel accommodations will be in Reno/Carson City? price? July 3rd, yes? Trying to coax my son into riding up and part way back to hwy 20 peel off. He now has our old SC. He works and is on call most of the time. If I can get the info dialed in early, hopefully we can do it. Thanks in advance.



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This is the route that was suggested:

And here's what I would suggest for a route - take the 580 south out of Reno to Carson City and catch 50 west over to Tahoe. Follow it along the east shore of Tahoe until you get to the 89. Take the 89 south to the 88 and follow the 88 all the way to Jackson. Have lunch there. There's a big burger joint there but I can't recall the name of it. Then stay on the 88 until you get to the 12. Head west on the 12 until just before Rio Vista. Take the 160 to the 4 and head west on the 4 until it runs into I-80 west bound. Follow I-80 to Berkeley and that park or wherever you decide to stay.



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