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2017 18th Annual V2V LEG 3 Poll Frederick MD to Uniontown PA

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Welcome to Leg 3 of the 2017 V2V, 6/23/2017. I'm honored to be your leg captain for this leg.


We will depart the Hotel at 8AM and backtrack to the Old National Road/Victory Highway which is the road we will follow to Uniontown. This ride is very scenic going through mountains of Western MD as well as Southern PA. It is also full of things to see.


I have planned several side trips, up to Flight 93 Memorial and another surprise with an awesome overlook of a gorge with a river at the bottom, they talk about the Grand Canyon of the East up by Wellsboro PA, well this is just as impressive, actually better IMHO.


We will also stop a 2 Tollhouses that are still standing the first one in LaVale, MD and the second one in Addison, Pa. We will ride by one in Hancock MD, but there isn’t a safe place to stop.


The mile markers also change along this section of the road, they will start out looking like headstones until Cumberland, MD, marking the distance back to Baltimore. But after Cumberland they look more like the National Monument in DC, they are made of steel but painted white so they look like concrete. On one side they mark the distance to Cumberland, MD and the other side they mark the distance to Wheeling, WV.


We will also stop at the Casselman Bridge https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casselman_Bridge which is historically significant and on the National Historic Register


We will end our ride for the day at the Park Inn, which use to be the Holiday Inn, the new owners have made a great effort to improve this hotel.


Park Inn by Raddison

700 West Main Street / Uniontown, PA 15401

Rate: 89.00 plus tax breakfast included


Call 724-437-2816 / 1-800-670-7275 and tell them the Promo code is VICTOR, name of the Group is Victory Motorcycle Club.


This ride is a good one and maybe the best section of the route east of the Mississippi, I hope you will join me for this ride. - Gene




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We arrived in Uniontown DRY, although I will admit hitting a spot of rain going over the 2nd Mountain towards Hagerstown. It was a good ride and I cannot think Mike enough for keeping me company. No drama and only a little adventure as we turned onto McFarland Road which is the true route on National Road into Flintstone, they had patched the road with a bunch of gravel. Towards the end of the rise we needed to outrun the major storm cell that brought major rain, Tornado warnings etc.. to the area, it rained most of the night in fact. I'll post the pics in segments next.


Strange we passed a bunch of Victory's pulled over to the side on the National Road, slowed down thinking maybe they were going to join the ride enroute, but not to be, then later when we stopped for Lunch in Frostburg they passed by us, then stopped at the Anchor Inn, and they passed us again as we visited the Toll Hose in Addison.


Today I will complete Leg 4 of the 2017 V2V.


- Gene



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Last stop before the end of the route at Hotel was Coopers Rock, a slight diversion off of the National Road. We were watching a weather cell on radar and then got caught at an accident scene coming into Bruceton Mills, for sure it was getting a little nervous but it worked out and we were able to get to the gorge and beat the weather to the hotel.



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Final Note.


I've not ridden leg 1 of the east to west route, so with that in mind I would say that legs 2 and 3 are some great rides plenty to see and nice roads that offer plenty of turns, elevation, and scenery. Leg 4 is also a nice route with interesting stops, such as the 2 "S" bridges, the "Y" bridge in Zanesville and there are some cool challenging roads just south so I plan a little loop including a section of the famous Rt. 555. So keep that in mind next year as the route will come west to east so these legs will be near the end of the ride. - Gene



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