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2018 19th Annual V2V Midway Utah end of Leg 3, Start of leg 4


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Hello everyone, I have information for the overnight stop in Utah for the 2018 V2V

Sunday evening June 24th, the V2V entourage will be checking in to the Zermatt Resort in Midway Utah, which is about half way between Heber City and Park City UT.

The Hotel will be in the range of $150 for the night including taxes etc. either a double Queen room or a single King room, IF YOU HAVE RESERVED YOUR PLACE BEFORE APRIL 1st 2018.

If you do not LET ME KNOW before APRIL 1st what room you want, and you wish to stay with the group, you will have to take the room at "THE GOING RATE", which they are currently stating is about $100 a night HIGHER THAN OUR V2V RATE!!!, the rooms are NON CANCELABLE, I HAVE TO SIGN THE CONTRACT AND GUARANTEE THE QUANTITY OF ROOMS BY APRIL 1ST 2018.

After I have you on the list, I will forward the number of king and double queen rooms to the hotel, they will send me the contract to sign. Then I will have a contact at the hotel for you to call, they will take your reservation, you are all set, locked in to a very nice hotel for about the same rate as a comfort suites!

I have checked every hotel/motel in the area, this is the only hotel I can find that is:

A) within "walking" distance of a restaurant for breakfast and evening meal, (they are on site)


B) is $150 a night or less. (the average going rate in the area this time of the year is about $200 a room)

C) has the ability for you to have an ice cold frosty adult beverage should you want one.

The Holiday Inn at Heber City that we have stayed at in the past would be the same cost as Zermatt Resort, but the restaurant that is in their parking lot, is permanently closed!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


Graham Vincent,

Leg Capt leg 4 and 5

and all around good egg ;-{o)


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A quick update, as of April 6th 2018,

The contract is signed and accepted, within the next week I will be able to post the link with the contact information you will need to confirm and pay for your room for the evening of June 24th.

Note, those of you that are planning on sharing a room, only ONE PERSON PER ROOM will need to reserve the room, every reservation will be charged to a credit card, YOU are going to have to work out the payment with YOUR room mate, not the hotel. (they can not split the charge!)

Once we have the reservation link, it will expire on MAY 15th 2018, IF YOU HAVE NOT BOOKED YOUR ROOM BY THEN, YOU MAY NOT GET THE VMC RATE!!!!!

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Good Morning everyone,


Just an FYI regarding your room reservation for the evening of June 24th in Midway Utah.


If you HAVE NOT USED the following link to book your room at the Zermatt Resort:




YOU DO NOT HAVE A ROOM RESERVED!, for Sunday evening June 24th at the special V2V rate.





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