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In the last seven days we had a nice surge in registration.  The number of registered attendees (who are staying at the Red Lion) jumped from 60% to 78%.  To those that got registered - THANK YOU  :appl :appl

In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises I want to make those who are still not registered aware of four things:

  1. We are ordering t-shirts on July 1st.  I will make a calculated guess as to the sizes, styles and amounts for those who are still not registered, but you might not get what you want.
  2. This is the IMPORTANT - we are getting close to capacity in the ballroom for the Saturday night banquet.  We also have a fixed number of "gifts" coming from Victory Corporate for our attendees.  Because of this, we will be forced to cut off registration once we reach 425 attendees.  Right now, if everyone who has a room at the hotel shows up, we are at 412.  That's only 13 people.  Keep in mind, this is people I know about.  The unknown factor is people who are staying elsewhere and are still not registered.  I would really hate for anyone to make the trip to Lewiston, only to be turned away at the registration desk.  So fair warning:  if you plan to register at the door, you are taking your chances.
  3. The cutoff for early registration is July 18th.  After that the registration fee increases to $75.  
  4. Online registration will close on July 26th.  Anyone registering after July 26th will have to register at the door.

I am sure there will be some last minute cancellations at the hotel, but in my experience the number of cancellations is usually around 5% and is more than offset by the number of walk-in's - which is usually around 10-12%.  

The takeaway here:  avoid disappointment, please register ASAP


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We cant wait for this event. That's why we register the day after it was announced to register to guarantee us our shirts and other stuff. We also made our red loin hotel reservation that same day and was like the 3rd+ reservation for this event to make sure we got a good room and could enjoy all you good folks at this event. I'm liking what im reading with over 400+ people showing up for this event and even more as folks are hearing about it. I keep running into victory riders who dont know about this event and have sent them to the vmc.com or said show up in lewiston and join the fun. :beer



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