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The winner of the free Junior King Suite at the National Meet is:

Peter Wert, aka "cdn_rn"

Congratulations Peter!!

If you'd like to watch the actual ticket being drawn, you can check it out on YouTube: 


For those who didn't win, please stay tuned.  We are going to start a new raffle - this time for the GOVERNOR'S SUITE.  Stay tuned for details.   

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Some clarification might make this more palatable for those having an issue.  The purpose for requiring registration was to motivate people to get their registration fees paid.  This is always a challenge for event planners.  Typically people make their hotel reservations right away, and then wait until the last minute to pay their registration fees, often at the door.  Because hotel reservations can be cancelled the day before, it leaves the planners up in the air.  As of this morning 40% of those with reservations are still not registered.  Are they coming or not?  How many t-shirts should we order?  In what sizes?  We don't know.  

Along comes someone who wants to be a contribution - to a very worthy cause - but isn't coming to the event.  Since I know he's not coming, I know not to order a t-shirt for him.  No mystery.  He's not leaving me hanging up in the air.  So - to my mind at least - my purpose for requiring registration did not apply to him.  

Maybe I made the wrong call, but I seriously did not expect any blow-back.  Since his post was 5 days before the drawing, it would have been helpful if those who object had spoken up before it was all over.  I might have made a different decision.


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