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Sydney's coming to National


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With the help of 5th Gear, I'll be bringing Syd to National with me.


I'll be working on a plan with Ann (oh such the poet am I) and the NW crew to include a remembrance on one of the event rides at National to disperse some of Syd's ashes (FishWitch). I would imagine that once we figure out the where/when, it will be shared so for those that would like to attend they can be sure to join us. My guess would be Saturday but I'll let Ann and/or Jane and/or Chuck make that call since this is their gig....and I don't know the area.


Note, there is also a video remembrance that Randy Loosle put together (UTJackpot) and I'll have a few copies with me for those that would like to see. It includes photo's we were able to gather as well as her video that won her a year on Skully.


Additionally, if you're coming in from anywhere along the SW - there's a travel plan if you'd like to join us on the way up which includes a culmination/gathering of riders in Boise on Wednesday night to ride in as a group on Thursday.


Thanks all!

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First - I'd like to thank everyone for their support in this plan. Was a bit nervous hatching it. Sydney was always such a force of nature and so well loved. I almost felt presumptious making plans for her. Now, I feel it is the right thing.


Second - Can I get some names of those from Prescott Valley that plan on being in Ely on the 30th? I know John is going, as is Tom. Ron and I, as well as one or two others from Vegas and possibly Kingman, will be there as well. Also - if you haven't already seen the post in the SW Forum (National in Lewiston - travel plans) outlining our travel dates/stops. Randy Loosle (UTJackpot) has made arrangements for discount rated rooms for Wednesday night in Boise. Then we're all heading to Lewiston as a group. Hopefully all together and including you guys.


I'm dragging my bike as far as Boise (I have a bad back and neck so no picking on me!) then will drop the truck/trailer and ride in with everyone else. If anyone wants to load anything in the truck (Explorer or Edge - we aren't sure which we'll take yet) let me know. The trailer will take two bikes and if someone's tired of riding, we can work out trading out. It WILL be hot.


I'll also have the truck stocked with ice and beverages. Will ensure there's enough for all. Therefore - need the head count.


PM or email me if you don't want to post public. See ya'll soon!



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For those joining us at National and wanting to say their farewells to Sydney - with the help of Ann, Jayne and Brad, we've chosen an area across the river from the hotel, about 2.5 miles, where the Clearwater meets the Snake river (Brad called it the confluence - such a big word for me!). We'll meet at the confluence at 8:30am on Saturday so that everyone joining either of the two group rides will have plenty of time to get back for the pre-ride briefs.


Jayne is adding the remembrance to the schedule and I'll ask Brad to put together a map/directions as part of the registration packet.


I welcome anyone who wishes to say something to reach out to me via PM or Email. Thank you in advance.



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Thanks Donna -- I did see the video posted in another thread.  Well done, and very moving -- in a very positive way!  I'm glad to hear everyone say they remembered Syd's laugh.  That laugh -- and her self-depricating sense of humor -- were priceless.  Thank you to you & everyone who made the effort to go and pay tribute to our friend.

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