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Leg#14 ~ 7.4.13 ~ Carson City,NV - San Francisco,CA


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Welcome to the 14th Annual Victory Highway Relay (V2V)

            "Sydney Marie Sheppard (FishWitch) Memorial leg"

Leg Captain: Jeff Dick (5th Gear)
Co. Captain:
Hotel: Motel Capri 2015 Greenwich St, SF 94123 415) 346-4667. Several good restaurants within walking distance.

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For those that want to join us to remember Syd:


I was able to obtain a portion of Syd's ashes to be shared/spread as follows:


V2V - the morning of the last leg - I will travel part way with Leg 14. 5th Gear has noted an area that he and Syd had always talked about stopping to enjoy (and fish) but never managed to find the time. We will give her that wish and will hold a brief remembrance as we spread some of her ashes along the river area there.


National - I've already spoken to several people who would like to participate in a similar remembrance at National as well since we should have many more people that knew her in attendance for this event. I've already been advised there's some beautiful areas up there and I believe Patti mentioned a particular spot that would be perfect. Not quite sure of the time or date for this yet but will co-ordinate with National to be sure we don't prevent anyone from enjoying the events they have lined up and to hopefully ensure as many as want to participate with us to add a little bit of Syd to the ID countryside are able to.


As for her bike - my last conversation with her cousin is that he was thinking of asking $6500 for it. However, this wasn't taking mileage in to consideration as he used KBB or NADA to come up with a value. I've had feedback that due to the 165,000 miles - this is steep. However, if you are interested I can put you in touch with her cousin. Note that the bike will not be purchased by Victory/Polaris or the VMC. Too much red tape and all that jazz.


If anyone has any additional questions or suggestions regarding her ashes - please feel free to PM me. Thank you.




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Everyone, I'm sorry for the absence from the forum this past month, but work, my family, and my best friend (motorcycle crash) have conspired to attempt to prevent me from getting leg 14 going. As of now, the five riders who were going to join me are all unable to go.


There were 3 others (unknown who) who voted on the poll that they were planning to ride. Can I get a list of who is planning to go?


I intend to ride up on the 3rd to Carson City, stay the night at the Gold Dust West on east hwy 50 in Carson. On the 4th I will be riding to the meadows where 88 & 89 split towards South Lake Tahoe (about 34 miles from Carson City) to free Sydney from her present confines & allow her to do some fly fishing. I will then continue on 88 down into the Sacramento Valley. Lunch will be either at Mel's in Jackson or at "Al the Wop's" in Locke - depending upon our travel times. Again, depending upon our time, will enter S.F. via the Bay Bridge (if running late) or the Golden Gate (still on schedule...)


For those staying the night. Make reservations at Motel Capri - 2015 Greenwich St, SF 94123 (415) 346-4667. Several good restaurants within walking distance.


5th Gear



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Please check out the t-shirts for this year on the main 2013 thread for the V2V in the Forums. Is just below the Leg Forums. We'll be having them shipped to hotel in Ely and need a count for sizes. LADIES!!!! There are womens tank tops this year. I'm told the smalls are pretty small (probably for women in the 5'4'' range and under 120 (with no boobs like me).


Please let me know as soon as possible how many shirts you think you'll need for your leg and what sizes - mens or womens, tshirt or tank. Will be having Robbrutus ship next week.


Thank you



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I'm sorry I am late to the party folks, but I may be interested in this. I have lady friends in both Carson City & Alameda, so it may be a win-win-win!! I just heard about this today, so just started thinking about it. Will know more in a day or two if I have pre-paid places to stay... 8)



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I've read of peeps meeting in the bar in Carson City- is this the bar at the gold dust west casino? Hoping so, it would be nice to be able to have a bed within crawling distance...


Also, are there any celebratory plans for the evening of the 4th? The friend I am staying with lives in Alameda, we are interested in joining anyone for dinner & drinks or whatever may be planned...


SO looking forward to this!!



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