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2018 19th Anual V2V - 1st Update

gene hunt

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This is the 1st update on this year’s V2V ride. As a reminder for those participating for the 1st time this thread is a good introduction http://forums.thevmc.com/bb/forums/forum-view.asp?fid=84
and also this is good history on the road https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victory_Highway .

I’m getting excited about the ride and the planning, it’s a great event and a great club tradition.

This year our route will start in San Francisco and end in Atlantic City, although not exactly historically correct, it is where US 40 ends and it is on the coast.

The route had gone up to MA for quite a few years with the Long River Riders LC supporting the first or last leg depending on the direction and we owe them a lot for keeping this ride alive an important part of the VMC tradition.

This year we have 13 legs, below are the legs and the leg captains.

Leg Date           Start Point              End Point             Leg Captain 
1    6/22/2018   San Francisco         Reno                    Donna Dovel
2    6/23/2018   Reno                      Ely, NV                Rose Mandile
3    6/24/2018   Ely, NV                   Salt Lake, UT       Rose Mandile
4    6/25/2018   Salt Lake, Ut           Craig, CO            Graham Vincent
5    6/26/2018   Craig, CO                Denver, CO         Graham Vincent
6    6/27/2018   Denver, CO             Wilson, KS          Paul Simpson
7    6/28/2018   Wilson, KS              Kansas City, MO  Rick McDonald
8    6/29/2018   Kansas, City            St. Louis, MO      Rick McDonald
9    6/30/2018   St. Louis, MO          Indianapolis, IN   Wayne Oosterhoff
10  7/1/2018     Indianapolis, IN      Columbus, OH      Tim Welbaum
11  7/2/2018     Columbus, OH        Uniontown, PA      Gene Hunt
12  7/3/2018     Uniontown, PA        Frederick, MD       Gene Hunt
13  7/4/2018     Frederick, MD         Atlantic City, NJ    Gene Hunt

We will have registration set up soon.

This year we will have T-shirts and Pins. We have enough funds to purchase 80 T-Shirts for VMC Members, after that we will have to have everyone contribute.

Non-VMC members will pay for their shirts, the cost is $18.

The Pins are being donated, no club funds were involved so they are free to the first 100 participants, that’s is because it is the quantity I ordered.

Below are the designs for these items.

The Leg Captains are currently working on Hotels, including me. When we get that resolved we will post a thread for the Leg, with a description of the leg, hotel info, and other information the Leg Captains want to provide.
That is it for this update as always feel free to post questions/comments or contact me directly via PM or email twolanefun@outlook.com
- Gene

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Since there is budget for 80 T-shirts, why not have some contingency money set aside for 20 more T-shirts (if needed). Past experience tells me that 80 is enough to cover participants. Can we pull $250.00 out of the marketing budget...........................money only to be used to purchase T-shirts. All remaining of the contingency to be returned to marketing budget.






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