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Route 666 Run

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You could make it a AZ, NM, So. Cal event, without making it a "Sanctioned VMC" event. For years we did a Cali North/South event. A non sanctioned VMC event. Always worked out very well. We had Nor Cali, So Cali and Nevada VMC members show, all had a great time. We as a rule had it in Mariposa, CA.
You could do this same kind of "Non VMC Sanctioned Event" Event for this ride.

Create a Name for the event and it's own thread. Ask the SW Mod to make your thread a Sticky to the top of the forum. Give plenty of notice for the meet, enough to get a rough headcount.

Find lodging that would work. Lodging with a area for socializing outside, tables & chairs. Some people smoke...especially Cigars. A good restaurant for the Sat. night group dinner. You'll need to make a reservation for whatever size group. At dinner, separate checks is probably a good idea.

The Friday is people arriving, hanging at the motel, socializing...people will be drinking beer & smoking, and a ad lib dinner, to each their own for whatever restaurants are local there.

Up early Sat, meet for breakfast, do the ride, group dinner.

Sunday people as a rule are on their own schedule for breakfast and on their way home...some will meet for a group breakfast before heading home.

You do this right, bet you'll get members from AZ, NV, CA, NM...maybe even from CO too because of your location. Potentially this could be a real blast. I'd come from Nor. Cali.

BTW...you don't have to hold this on it's official date, you could make it a specific Non-Official Route 666 ride on a different weekend without the crowds from the Official ride date. Make it your own.


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