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Leg#2 ~ 6.22.13 ~ Stroudsburg,PA - Annapolis,MD


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Soooo. I drove this leg yesterday which really sucked 'cause it was a nice day to ride........ I plan on riding it a couple of weeks before the V2V.


All in all it is a pretty and easy ride. There is, however, a pretty crappy road about 10 min into the ride right at the beginning of the State Park in Jersey. There are some pretty big potholes for what seemed to be about 2 miles then the road mellows out. We can skip that section and leave an hour later depending on the group comfort zone.


We will pull into Trumbauer's Motorsports for lunch right about 11:00am and need to be on the road by noon to get to Annapolis around 5. There will be 1 stop about an hour into the ride and there will be 3 stops between Quakertown and Annapolis.


We will be riding within 15 min of the Victory Brewery. We do not have time to stop, still take the scenic route and be in Annapolis around 5. We may have some options and flexibility if there is some interest.


Here is the route:





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I took the ride on Wednesday. Nice day....nice ride....


It is a pretty laid back ride until we hit Downingtown. We have to get around/thru the Downingtown/Exton and Wimington areas so some 4 lane/business corridor will have to be in the plan. It's pretty much a straight shot so red lights won't get anyone lost. The ride down 213 is a nice 2 lane until we hit 50 into Annapolis.


All in all it is a very nice ride and should be an enjoyable day.


KSU at 8:00am from the Budget Inn Parking lot. Exit 308 off of I-80. 320 Greentree Dr., East Stroudsburg, PA 18301


I am going to try to get to JR's Grill and Salad bar for breakfast by 7......depending on Mrs. Bubble. She likes breakfast so it is a good bet.



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Hello, this is Tony a good friend of Mark Luz (new jersey). We rode the V2V together a few years ago. (I am trying to get Mark to go this weekend) My partner Karen and I would like to join you guys for part of the run from East Strousburg to Annapolis. I figured we would start with you in East Strousburg and end up at John's for lunch. Then make our way back to the shore. Is it ok if we come? Are you still leaving from the Budget Inn 320 Greentree Drive at 8:00 am? Do you have the route figured out yet?


Please let me know. Thank you.

Hope to see you this weekend.


cell 908-433-7170

tmauro@kntm.com and ntmauro@optonline.net





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