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2013 V2V Dates, Stops and Leg Captians

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These are the dates, potential stops and Leg Captains for the 2013 V2V. There will be more information (Hotels, events, contacts, routes) posted as the plans develop.




June 21 Leg 1 Start/Chickopee, MA End/Stroudsburg, PA, Captain Will Benjamin (Long_Will)


June 22 Leg 2 Start/Stroudsburg, PA End/Annapolis, MD, Captain Mike Riddelle (dirtybubble)


June 23 Leg 3 Start/Annapolis, MD End/Uniontown, PA, Captain Chris Schlette (The Count)


June 24 Leg 4 Start/Uniontown, PA End/Hebron, OH, Captain Dann Walling (LieutenantDann)


June 25 Leg 5 Start,Hebron, OH End/Plainfield, IN, Captain Rob McCord (robbrutus)


June 26 Leg 6 Start/Plainfield,IN End/St. Louis, MO, Captain Mic Hunter (Hunter)


June 27 Leg 7 Start/St. Louis, MO End/Kansas City, KS, Captain Jeremy Paschedag (Bug Eater)


June 28 Leg 8 Start/Kansas City, KS End/Wilson, KS, Captain Ray Durkin (Spike160blue)


June 29 Leg 9 Start/Wilson, KS End/Castle Rock, CO, Captain Paul Sinpson (psimpson)


June 30 Leg 10 Start/Castle Rock, CO End/Craig, Co, WE NEED A CAPTAIN FOR THIS LEG!!


July 1 Leg 11 Start/Craig, Co End/Park City, UT, Captain Raymond Woody (raybob)


July 2 Leg 12 Start/Park City, UT End,Ely, NV, Captain Terry Dammer (victorypilot)


July 3 Leg 13 Start/Ely, NV End/Carson City, NV, Captain Donna Dovel (tyrant)


July 4 Leg 14 Start/Carson City, NV End/SanFran, CA WE NEED A CAPTAIN FOR THIS LEG!!


Everybody start making your plans!!!

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I won't be able to attend this year, and there is no Captain for Leg 14 thus far. I sent an email to everyone in my chapter encouraging participation, and there are plenty of Northern Cali members between the three LC's here, so hopefully someone will step up, especially since this Leg will be dedicated to Fishy.



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Leg 5 (Hebron, OH to Plainfield, IN) is 223 miles. I see that as a short 4 hour ride. Obviously, there must be multiple stops or there wouldn't be much of a ride. How far do you normally go between stops and why do you stop? I can see a long lunch break but not a lot more unless I'm missing something. Or does everyone ride really slow? It's straight across I 70, right? The stretch in Indiana is 70mph, posted (except in the middle of Indy). I think OH is 65mph, posted.


If I'm asking too many questions or asking them in the wrong place, please let me know. I'd be happy to PM someone if that would be better.



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Hebron to Plainfield will take most of the day. We will be stopping at Motorsports of Dayton and again some place for lunch. Throw in a couple gas stops and riding mostly RT40 you can see how it would take most of the day. Meeting us any where along the way is totally fine, just let me know where to look for ya and we can meet up. Sure hope you can ride with us.





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Thanks, guys. Somehow, I missed the whole "Rt 40, NOT I 70" thing. Now, the timing makes more sense. I was thinking, 223 miles @ 70 mph equals a very short riding day. :)


Assuming I'm not working that day, I'll try to make it for the whole leg. That time of year, it would be difficult to get any vacation approved as everyone wants time off then. I'll have to plan for a ride down the day before to Hebron then the normal ride to Plainfield. After that, it's only 2 hours max back up to the house.



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I want to thank all the captains for their efforts. I appreciate the time it took to plan the stops and routes. I had a good time, even on those legs that had their challenges. A thumbs up to all captains...and to all fellow riders.




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