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nice job dickhead


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I heard cycleops mentioned on 2 different stages during the toy run and I was on the other side of the park...


nice job dickhe..... urrr I mean Will 8)


sorry we didnt get to chat much, I got friggen dehydrated from being hungover and parking all those non riding SOB's. it was like 85 degrees and 90% humidity... I think I ended up pushing 200 bikes backwards cause they couldnt park worth a crap in the grass.

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And a big hey there Richard Cranium yourself my brother!


You know, you give some drunk emcee (and close buddy) enough cool free shit to toss out to the drunken crowd and you can get them to say almost anything... well that and a shot or 3 of Crown that is!


Bailed early myself, heat kicked my assets too with zero breeze.


Good to see you, and, um, oh, sorry to almost run you over... on purpose!!!! :)





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Aw, poor babies.......  Too hot?  Shut the hell up.   :har    Twenty-one degrees here this morning and they're blowing snow like mad on the ski slopes.

'Can't wait 'till Spring.  It's only been a few weeks since I parked my girls and I miss riding already.   :(

'Good for you guys helpin' out on a Toy Run though!  Great cause!  Anything to help the kids!   :y:

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Dec 15

Rather cloudy 36°Lo 28°


Dec 16

Cloudy with a bit of snow 34°Lo 30°



Dec 17

Breezy with periods of snow 37°Lo 23°



Dec 18

Cloudy, snow showers possible 32°Lo 18°



Dec 19

A chance for a snow shower 31°Lo 21°





3-6 inches of snow this evening through Monday afternoon





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